Apple Could Leverage Over Facebook To Entice A Significant Number Of Users

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Apple is almost to host its WWDC event today and lots of speculations are yet to be uncovered. What the company is going to unwrap today is still a mystery. I have already described a lot about software and hardware specifications of iOS 6, but more important is here to know about the stance of Apple with Facebook.

The pronouncement of Apple’s new and former CEOs about Facebook are different to each other. Apple’s former CEO dealt with Facebook as one of the greatest rivals, that’s why, he preferred to integrate Twitter with iOS 5 rather than the world leading social networking website. But now, Apple’s new CEO has decided to team up with Facebook for worldwide proliferation of iOS platform.

However, at present, Facebook is also seeking for a suitable platform to monetize its mobile platform. Indeed, this time Facebook is more aggressive to generate revenue from its mobile app. The relationship with the world’s one of the leading teach-giant could boost Facebook to be succeeded on the mobile platform. But, there’s a question, how Apple will leverage Facebook to lure a significant number of masses?


Apple might integrate Facebook on its Apple TV and also leverage the social networking website for sharing its contents from iTunes through iPhone and iPad. Undoubtedly, iPad/iPhone  manufacturer is now trying to frame a better ad platform and also trying to boost its revenue by taking an advantage of  the social networking platform.

How It Will Work If Apple Installs Facebook On Its HDTV? 

Facebook has currently uploaded over 10 billion photos on the site–contains four image sizes of each uploads means there are 40 billion files on the site. The social networking website are reportedly serving over 15 billion photo images per day and over 300,000 images served per second.

Indiscriminately, Facebook has the world’s biggest photo archive and also allows high-resolution uploads. Really, it’s fabulous to see all these images on the bigger screen. Imagine, photos that you shared and tagged up on your news feed, if they  are turned to a bigger slideshow on Apple TV then how it will be appeared like? Really, it’s an awesome experience, besides, users can also see simple text updates and comments on their full screen of Apple TV.

Facebook on large TV screen is really a good intimation, the reason is quite clear, the world leading social networking giant is currently struggling to generate revenue from mobile device —advertisers are demanding a bigger screen and flashier ad formats. On bigger screen, Facebook could fulfill all pre-requisites of advertisers. For Apple, Facebook app could be a selling point for new TV hardware and more products.


Leveraging Facebook For Auto-Sharing From iTunes:

A digital portal “9To5Mac” has recently reported that Apple is going to implement “App Like” for its built-in App Store. Here, if users are logged into Facebook by following an iOS settings and click on ” Like” button then this status will be sent to their Facebook Timelines. Likewise, if users select stuffs like songs,  TV shows or  downloading some stories and music, then these (selected contents)  would be displayed on news feed.

Users can easily see on its news feed what their best friends are downloading, using, listening, or watching  and more other activities. Undoubtedly, Apple is very precautious about its products’ privacy. The company will try to activate “Private Mode” in order to control privacy of its products to boost up its app store revenue.

Apple would Integrate Facebook With iOS 6 To Contend Android And Google+: 

At present, Apple is facing a stiff resistance from Google especially in Mobile space. Android has plagued iOS due to its integrated services like Google Map, Google+, Gmail and more. However, Apple is currently working on its own map project and also, has announced to abandon “Google Map” in its iOS 6. Teaming with Facebook, it would be easier for Apple to entice over 900 million Facebook users towards its own iOS platform in order to contend Android and its integrated Google+.



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