The Role of App Development to Make Wearable Devices the Digital Revolution of the 21st Century

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Wearable devices are fast becoming the next chapter of the digital revolution. The entire smartphone development industry has shifted its focus towards the development of wearable devices. Recently IDC (International Data Corporation) has published a report showcasing the names of smartphone development leaders such as Apple INC. Samsung and Xiaomi etc.

The Growth of Wearable Market is All Time High:

Industry analysts and journalists are sceptical about the future of the wearable market. Some of them are calling it merely a craze whereas others have already claimed the beginning of its death process. Is the wearable development market seriously heading towards its end?

This is the Most Important Question:

Do you also think the same? Let’s see some facts below to find the reality:

  • The research conducted by the IDC confirms that the popularity of smart wearable devices has multiplied by manifolds by the end of 4th quarter of 2016. IDC’s research shows that the quarterly shipment of smart wearable devices has reached the all-time-new-high of 33.9 million units.
  • The shipment of these many smart wearable devices in Q4 2016 indicates towards the market growth of 16.9% year-over-year.
  • Shipments of smart wearable devices went on to grow from paltry 25% to more than 102.4 million in 2016.
  • Fitbit successfully sold nearly 22.5 million units of smart wearable devices in 2016.
  • As for Apple, Samsung, Garmin and Xiaomi, they collectively sold 36.9 units worldwide in 2016.

Fitbit is still leading the market despite a considerable slowdown in terms of growth. Taking these facts into consideration, it would right to say that the wearable market is not going to die.

Thanks to the Native, Custom and Hybrid App Development for Smart Wearable Devices:

The development of native, custom and hybrid apps have immensely contributed to the popularity of wearable devices. This is why the wearable device development industry has been able to experience extensive growth in such a short period of time.

This certainly has been confirmed in a report published in this regard on Business Insider. Wearable devices manufacturing industry could not succeed on a global scale without the development of dedicated native, custom and hybrid apps because of the following reasons:

  • Most of the mainstream customers buy wearable mainly because of the availability of apps to help them do their work while they are on go.
  • Apps help users to get familiar with the features of these wearable devices and make them feel valued by designers and developers.
  • Apps dedicated to monitoring health, fitness, personal safety, communication, AR & VR have taken the global wearable market to a new height of success.
  • The development of native, custom and hybrid app development is definitely going to result in the birth of an entirely new and technologically advanced application ecosystem. It indicates towards a lot of growth in the time to come. The Whole credit should be given to the apps incorporated in wearable devices to make them extremely smart and intuitive.
  • Moreover, Google, the largest search engine in the world, has released its wearable platform named Android Wear. The app development service provider across the world have already started developing new apps for this smart watch platform of the Google.
  • Amazon, the largest digital retail store in the world, has announced the launch of its own store dedicated to wearable devices equipped with a plenty of smart apps. Moreover, Amazon too has its own app which is compatible with wearable devices’ operating systems.
  • Facebook’s acquisition of ProtoGeo Oy known for offering a smartphone app called Moves to help people track fitness level on their smart is also expected to add to the popularity of wearable. Developers and designers are already working in tandem to make Moves Wearable device compatible for users.
  • Most importantly, people love to use wearable, their favourite apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Wear Responses, Wear Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, SnapChat, Hike, Messages and Google Messenger are available in them to fulfil their personal and professional requirements and commitments.

Final Thoughts:

Despite downfall shown by Fitbit in its sales figures related to the sales of wearable, the wearable market has a bright future. Smartphone manufacturers such as Apple Inc., Samsung, Xiaomi and Google, etc. have taken the popularity/success of wearable devices to the next level. Light weight, small size, impressive functionality, reliable and extra secure features and apps, cross-platform compatibility of apps incorporated in wearable devices, Hands-free monitoring and longer battery life are some of the main reasons for it. Therefore, it would right to say that the wearable market is only going through some changes for bright future in the time to come.



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