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frequency of performance review

The Average Salary Hike In India Is Expected to Be 9.7% In 2017-2018, eCommerce...

The employment scenario in India is flourishing despite startup industry stares to correction and consolidation. The attrition rate, an increment in salary and variable...
Apple Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Employed One Simple Strategy To Get Whatever He Wanted

Everyone wants success. Some burn down the world for it, some take the easy step, and some step out of their comfort zones. Irrespective...
instagram-ad-spend- 2016

Advertisers Are More Bullish on Instagram Than Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn [REPORT]

Social Media advertising is growing at a tremendous rate as brands have been spending more fortunes on digital ads with each passing year. In...
ad block detectors

A New Ad Block Detector Tool Helps Publishers to Stop Offering Free Lunch

The growing content consumption by the Internet users has paved way for marketing and branding companies to reach millions of prospective customers in a...

56.8% of Internet Users in APAC Consume Digital Video Content [REPORT]

Marketers are turning to video marketing to engage with their audience more. The audio-visual in the form of storytelling has helped marketers capture the...
Average Internet speed in india Q3 2016

The Average Internet Speed in India Q3 2016 Clocks Nothing But Disappointment [REPORT]

As the world is looking at APAC region for the future growth, Internet infrastructure is playing a vital role to keep the market live...
facebook ad example

Facebook Makes A Smart Move In a Tight Corner to Win Over Ad Blockers

In the ongoing ad blocking war, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is apparently making the right moves to please its users as well as safeguard its...
chatbots industry savings 2016 in US

Chatbot is the Future: 80% Companies Want to Integrate it by 2020

When Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) introduced chatbots in messaging platform very first time in April this year, the internet was buzzed with debate, discussion and...
world's best value CEOs

World’s Top 4 Best Value CEOs In the Tech Industry to Look Out For

It is not an easy task to hold the CEO position in a company, especially a company that has a market capitalisation of $1...
facebook 360 live video

Facebook Is All Set to Revolutionise The Broadcasting of Live Video With 360

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is willing to take the competition to a whole new level, and the only way to get it done is by...

Demonetisation Effect: Workers To Receive Cashless Salary Only

In a bid to continue cashless economy, the government has new plans for cash payments made to industry and factory workers all over India.Reports from TOI...
top 10 influencers on LinkedIn

The Top 10 Influencers on LinkedIn in 2016 that You Must Follow

Influencers on LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD)  are selected by invitation only and comprise of more than 500 members. This includes some of the world's finest...
foxconn india employee on leave

Demonetisation Is Becoming A Curse for Employees: Mobile Companies On A Layoff-Spree?

Demonetization has shaken the mobile phone market, leading to a huge decline in sales. The feature phones and budget phones faced the maximum burnt....
increase reach of facebook posts

Lengthy Facebook Posts Is The New Trend For Better Outreach [REPORT]

Once upon a time one-line statuses on Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) did turn heads, but times are changing fast! A new report on Adweek says...

Xiaomi to Launch a Smart Car/Scooter on Monday?

After experimenting with smartphones, air purifiers, kettles, electric screwdrivers, drones, TV’s and more, Xiaomi is now set to expand its horizons further. The company...
top 10 youtube stars 2016

World’s Top 10 YouTube Stars of 2016, Who Have Minted Millions

Looks like it's time to switch professions. Start a YouTube channel, run entertaining and catchy videos, reach a celebrity status, and voilà! A self-established...

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