4 Essential Digital Tools Of the Trade For Entrepreneurs To Succeed

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Venturing into a new business can be a daunting experience. The tricks and traps of the trade can put off the bravest of entrepreneurs, but the playing field can become simpler if you know what you are doing and, of course, where to turn for assistance. Advice from established corporate figures is invaluable, but so is the sharpening of your own awareness of the industry and the skills you will need to succeed.

In the digital age, it is easier than ever to collect the perfect tool-box that will allow you to build a strong and efficient business, especially when you are shaping your startup.

So, what are few of those path-breaking tools/services that are essential for the success of your startup? Here are a few suggestions to get started with.

Fiverr: Build Your Virtual Team

Fiverr is a platform offers the services of hand-picked professionals across a wide range of services, from graphics to translation to voice over. Anything needed to create or promote a new business can be found here. For instance, managing your Instagram or Twitter account can be a hassle, which can be entrusted to someone of top-rated quality for about $40 – $100. This grants you the time to focus on other concerns or areas you have a better grasp of. This, however, does not mean that social media, as a vital marketing tool, does not require your attention or eventual personal handling.

Hubspot Sales: Convert Every Click Into Lead

Is it not a nuisance to constantly wonder if the dozens of emails sent have even been opened? This software was made for this exact purpose. Sign up for $0 – $400 a month, add the extension to your Gmail or Outlook account and Hubspot will help to not only keep track of leads but schedule follow-up emails, set up meetings, sift through prospects for the most promising customers and more. Giving it a try costs nothing but a bit of your time. Such support is hard to come by and should not be overlooked.

Saxo: For Rainy Days

Doing startup is fancy but equally risky. Hence, every entrepreneur needs a tool that could guide him for investment in rainy days. And that where Saxo becomes an inevitable tool for budding entrepreneurs and business pros.

An investment banking and technology company, this group will apply its years of experience to get you into the market and make sure you have the resources to stay there. Having access to more than 3,000 exchange traded funds creates a grand horizon to visualise your future. As well as the low-commissioned opening of doors at USD 9.90, Saxo offers guidance, such as risk management, news filters, personalized watch lists and charts. That’s another useful tool that makes branching out into investment a surer, safer move, one that is more likely to bear fruit and no problems.

7-Minute Workout

Keeping your health and energy up is just as important as managing your business, so apps like this are worthwhile. Courtesy of Johnson & Johnson and exercise physiologist Chris Jordan, you can now have a personal trainer on your phone that keeps you fit with short, powerful sessions. Customizable to over 1,000 different variations depending on your mood and lifestyle, 7-Minute Workout takes care of you, so that you, stress and fatigue-free, can run your world with more focus, confidence and enthusiasm.

There is no shortage of handy software and services tailored to the needs of the entrepreneur, whether budding or experienced. Explore the possibilities, get to know your business and the tools that will be of most use to it. Then construct it from the ground up with a calm yet strategic mindset.


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