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Global Smartwatch Market 2018: Apple Facing Heat From Fitbit And Samsung

Global Smartwatch market 2018
Despite all the obstacles that Apple is facing with regards to its sale of iPhones, the one market where its dominance is undisputed is the global smartwatch market. The Apple Watch has been a hit, driving the global smartwatch market in 2018 while its competitors continue playing catch up. However, the scenario is changing with each passing year. Apple's...

The Role of App Development to Make Wearable Devices the Digital Revolution of the 21st Century

wearable apps development
Wearable devices are fast becoming the next chapter of the digital revolution. The entire smartphone development industry has shifted its focus towards the development of wearable devices. Recently IDC (International Data Corporation) has published a report showcasing the names of smartphone development leaders such as Apple INC. Samsung and Xiaomi etc. The Growth of Wearable Market is All Time High: Industry...

Apple Accounted 46% of Global Smartwatch Shipments in Q3 2016 [REPORT]

global smartwatch shipments q3 2016
In a latest research by Canalys, global smartwatch shipments in Q3 2016 exceeded 6.1 million, with a 60% YoY growth. The growth was driven by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) as the company alone shipped almost 2.8 million watches in the quarter.According to Daniel Matte, a Canalys analyst, Q4 performance will determine the further implications of smartwatch models. With Apple increasing...

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