Facebook Advertising: Make Your Video Ads Only 30-60 Seconds Long [REPORT]

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Video ads are setting new trends in the marketing world. These are more interesting and attractive in comparison to a banner or static ads. Since messages can be delivered more easily and interestingly, video ads are gaining immense popularity. Video ads are expected to garner a lot of attention almost instantly. There are several factors that play a pivotal role in making a video ad genuinely appealing. Factors like the length of the video, content used, audio quality and clarity matters in a video ad. Online platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest are popular for video ads. However, the one platform that is ruling the charts when it comes to video ads is the social media giant Facebook.

However, not every video of Facebook is able to catch eyeballs of millions of people. The success of any video on Facebook depends on various aspects, but the length of a video has emerged as one of the most important ones. The recent study by Kinetic Social highlights some of the interesting insights that help us to understand what type of videos Facebook users prefer to watch in length.

According to a recent report by Kinetic Social (Q3 2015-Q2 2016):

  • Facebook Video Ads of 30-60 seconds are mostly viewed to completion at the rate of 44%
  • 30 seconds or less have 26% completion rate.
  • 1-2 minutes long ads have 27% completion rate; whereas,
  • Ads that are over 2 minutes have a completion rate of 31%, the second highest.

So, according to the report, on Facebook, 30-60 seconds long ads have the highest completion rate and ads which are less than 30 seconds has the lowest completion rate. It is very important for the advertisers to create ads with a suitable length for maximum CTR from those ads. The first few seconds of an ad is the decision point for the viewers. If the start is impressive, viewers tend to watch the ad completely. As we can see in the case of the ads that are shorter than 15 seconds, 46% of the viewers stop watching the video probably because the ad fails to attract the eyeballs. Ads which are longer than 2 minutes are the second highest in terms of completion which is because in such ads usually the message is conveyed towards the ending of the video which makes the viewers wait till the end, but it’s not necessary that the ad is attractive to the viewer. Hence, 30-60 seconds long ad is the best way to convey and attract.

Facebook: Most Favoured Platform for Video Ads

For Video ads, Facebook is the most popular choice for advertisers. Facebook has 1.13 billion daily active users which is the highest when compared to any other social platform. According to a recent report by Animoto, 76% of the total businesses that used video in the past 12 months records direct impact on the business. Moreover, 60% of these businesses plan to increase video investment next year which is totally justified if we consider the market demands.

“We are particularly pleased with our progress in video as we move towards a world where video is at the heart of all our services” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO.

Video ads on Facebook are gaining popularity at a rapid pace. YouTube was ahead of Facebook for social video advertising in December 2015. However, in the current scenario, out of the 70.8% marketers in the US who plans to invest in social video ads, 65.8% have decided to use Facebook to roll out their ads. YouTube was in the second position with 42.3%. This shows that there has been a massive shift from YouTube to Facebook for social video advertisers, considering the user base and popularity of Facebook.

The very next target for marketers is live video streaming. According to a report by Trusted Media Brands, 89% of respondents (out of more than 300 agencies and client-side marketers) are considering the use of live-stream video advertising in the next year. Facebook live was launched on 6th April 2016 and in no time it gained popularity. It is considered as a very bold move by Facebook as it has a greater scope in future.

Based on the present findings, Facebook has become a lot more than just a social networking platform.  Video ads are the new and most preferred form of advertising for the marketers with Facebook being their favourite platform. Continuous innovations and consistently living up to the expectations of its users, Facebook has successfully secured the top position in the digital sphere.


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