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Global Mobile Ticketing Industry Growth 2020: 23 Billion Tickets Will Be Purchased [REPORT]

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It’s no surprise, mobile is the eventual fate of online transaction and mobile ticketing is no exception here. Nearly 23 billion Transport and Events tickets are estimated to be sold globally using mobile by 2020, claims the recent Juniper Research report. In 2016, more than two times the volume expected to be sold using mobile handsets. To a great extent, the development is to be driven by the adoption of mobile apps with integrated mobile payment gateways by most of the transport agencies. These stakeholders are committed to enhancing their operations, keep their operating cost low by leveraging on mobile technology.

In the most recent 12 months, the number of transport and events tickets booked using mobile devices has increased incredibly, thanks to payment services, such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, optimized for a great mobile experience.

Airline Sector Records Colossal Growth

While there are numerous commercial enterprises that are still hesitant to go full-throttle on mobile, Airline industry, by a wide margin, is the wagering enthusiastic about mobile apps. Airline app ticketing is the most established one in terms of deployment of new mobile technologies and user adoption, followed by event ticketing. The said trend is obviously notable as the growth rate in app-based ticketing user base of airline industry went up by 50% in 2015.


The declining ASP (Average Selling Price) of smartphone and improving mobile data connectivity infrastructure are the essential factors behind the growing adoption of mobile ticketing apps. SITA, the world’s leading specialist in air transport communication and information technology, has released the report that highlights the growing confidence in mobile app technology among travelers. According to the report, the app-based ticket booking is relied upon to ascend 40% in 2016.

“While app-based ticketing user adoption continues to be strong across a range of ticketing markets, sales volume growth will be driven by low-value metro and bus ticket purchases, most notably in the US market”, says Nitin Bhas, research author at Juniper Research.

Mobile Apps Ticketing Has Got A Long Way To Go

However, the report likewise highlights the fact that to keep the growth of mobile ticket apps intact, there are many new services that need to be consolidated. As the smartphone users are turning out to be more tech savvy, their needs, and demands from their digital world is growing with each passing day. With the combination of Mobile and technology available at their disposal, they want to build an intelligence ecosystem around to settle on more informed decisions. Services like location-based tracking, itinerary based content availability, and suggestions of events aligned to his professional goals would be vital to winning the user’s confidence in mobile apps. Overall, mobile tickets apps must be able to offer the rich experience, from start to finish and beyond.

The stakeholders of ticketing industry are similarly mindful of all the above variables and willing to integrate emerging technologies that help them to provide a seamless ticketing experience as well as ease related activities, i.e. beacon based check-in, validate tickets at Airport and railways stations and automatic fare collection.

Mobile App is the future of Online Ticketing

In 2015, the total number of app downloads clocked at 211 billion and by 2020 the figure will grow up to 378 billion. In the next five years, the mobile app industry will record a remarkable growth as the number of app downloads will increase by 2.5x when contrasted with the growth recorded between 2008 and 2015.

The data clearly indicates the thriving development pattern in mobile app adoption, and with the smartphone user base rising up to 6.1 billion by 2020, people will be spending more time on apps than before.


The growth of Mobile ticketing market in the next five years will generally rely on the innovation and adoption pattern of technology by stakeholders. As mobile app market matures, the competition among apps would warm up and users would like to stick with apps that provide a comprehensive experience of the ecosystem.



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