Gaming PCs for Grown-ups: Are They a Possibility?

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Gaming PCs have evolved to be powerful, highly functioning machines that avid gamers rely on. Unlike the PCs of yesteryear, today’s are packed with fine-tuned options and high-end functionalities. However, the aesthetics remain standard and they seem to cater to the same group of gamers. Whether they consist of identical color schemes or overall configuration, the aesthetic remains the same and keeps many gamers wondering, “where are the PCs for grown-ups with different tastes and needs?” Perhaps, though, the news isn’t so discouraging after all. Customized machines might just a possibility, despite the qualms expressed by many in the gaming community.

Diverse Games, Same Old Machines: Why?

Avid gamers argue that PCs tend to replicate the same aesthetic and have been doing so for years. Although games have become more diverse with time, the machines themselves have not, which creates concern amid gamers who are looking for a more evolved version of the PCs themselves as well. Typically, as listed by Adi Roberston, the writer for The Verge, a gaming PC has the following:

  1. A sloping surface or edge
  2. Simply color schemes including black and red
  3. A light
  4. An overall look that mimics weaponry or destruction

The arguments state that this is a simple-minded approach to gaming PCs, which should be just as varied as the games available on the market. The games aren’t boring, so why should people expect any less from the PCs themselves? Unfortunately, this plays into a stereotype that marketers and manufacturing companies have of gamers themselves. That is, it seems as though there is a belief that all gamers like the same destructive genre games or that they all appeal to the same PC configuration.

Truth be told, adult gamers play into different genres and niches which requires a sort of overhaul of the stereotype. Many gamers have a very different definition of “gaming,” and that needs to be represented by those building the tools they use to pursue their hobby. So, are PCs for adults even a possibility then?


The reality is that part of what makes gaming so much fun is the fact that you can build your PC exactly how you want it. For some, building a PC that feels as though it is a weapon might serve as an added touch to the whole gaming experience. For others, having a PC that is more mature in appearance, sleek and unassuming is important, and this too is a possibility.


The games themselves are so varied and even those who enjoy the same genre might differ in terms of the sub-genre they enjoy. For fans of bingo, for instance, sites like offer an incredible range of games to choose from! The same goes for all other types of games. As such, the customizability of the gaming PCs themselves, due to the variety of games, is a huge asset to all gamers.

PCs are all about the options available to the gamer, unlike console gaming. Building one’s own PC is relatively simple to do and is an option to those that are looking for a particular look and functionality. It might be true that not all gamers will like what you’ve built, but at the very least, you can say it’s yours. Essentially, there is no need to settle for a machine that comes in a standard format; you have options!

The adult gaming community consists of avid fans of the hobby who are looking for innovative gadgets and diverse games. As such, customizing PCs to accommodate the needs and preferences of the gamers add value to those who have grown tired of the standard machines. Within such an innovative space, this level of customization is sure to bring about some exciting new gaming PCs into the world gaming.


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