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Gaming PCs for Grown-ups: Are They a Possibility?

Gaming PCs
Gaming PCs have evolved to be powerful, highly functioning machines that avid gamers rely on. Unlike the PCs of yesteryear, today’s are packed with fine-tuned options and high-end functionalities. However, the aesthetics remain standard and they seem to cater to the same group of gamers. Whether they consist of identical color schemes or overall configuration, the aesthetic remains the...

50% Consumers To Buy Smartphone In 2013: Screen Resolution And Price Will Be Deciding Factors [Report]

There's no need to explain that Smartphones and Tablets are determining the world's trend. It seems that consumers are moving away from using “single-use” devices, and they are more likely to opt those devices which could perform multiple tasks at a time. According to a recent survey report from Accenture, covering 11,000 consumers worldwide, the global trend is currently...

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