Battleground Mobile India Launch May Be Delayed!

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Mobile gamers in India are excited to learn about the return of PUBG Mobile in India. The game which was banned last year due to the ongoing tussle between India and China is all set to launch in India in a new avatar and name on 18th June 2021. However, the condition doesn’t look much favourable for Battleground Mobile India yet.

According to the latest report, many ministers have urged PM Narendra Modi to ban the Battleground Mobile India game, which is a new India-specific name for the PUBG Mobile game.

While Krafton, the Korean developers of Battleground Mobile India, has not officially stated any released date yet, rumours are high that the launch of the much-awaited game could be delayed.

Battleground Mobile India Launch: Big Picture

  • Battleground Mobile India is a new name for PUBG mobile and is designed to cater Indian market and satisfy regulators.
  • Last year, the Indian government banned hundreds of popular Chinese apps, including PUBG and TikTok, citing the privacy reason.
  • PUBG is originally developed by the Korean company PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Krafton Inc.
  • Chinese company Tencent Games bought the franchise of the mobile version of PUBG with expansion plans in China and other markets.
  • After the rising tension between India and China from mid of last year, the Indian government decided to ban 118 apps, including PUBG, in September citing privacy concerns.
  • Tencent lost $14 trillion in market cap within a day of India announcing the ban on PUBG.
  • In October PUBG Mobile terminated its operations in India.
  • In November last year, PUBG Corporation reportedly revoked the franchise agreement with Tencent for its Indian operations.
  • By December rumours started making rounds on the internet about the possible relaunch of the PUBG game in a new avatar that would directly be controlled by a subsidiary of the Korean company.
  • PUBG Mobile is the world’s one of the most popular mobile gaming apps grossing $5 billion in 2020.
  • PUBG Mobile generated an average of $7.4 million per day in 2020.
  • India is one of the largest mobile markets in the world. It’s also among the top countries clocking an impressive game rate in the gaming sector.
  • There are 436 million mobile gamers in India and the count is expected to cross 510 million by the end of FY 2022.

Food For Thought

While it’s yet not clear what stand the government of India takes for Battleground Mobile India, a number of ministers are not happy with the reentry of PUBG Mobile in India. They believe that the game still poses security and privacy concerns despite being developed and released by a Korean company, and not by a Chinese company like before.

They seem concerned about the strong partnership between the Battleground Mobile India publisher Krafton and Chinese company Tencent Games for all other markets still raises serious concerns about the app.

All said and done, how such a ban on PUBG mobile helps India in anyways to win over China, is a debatable question many are trying to find an answer to. Suspecting that the government may ban Battleground India Mobile as well, the Korean company may delay the launch of Battleground Mobile India to iron out all the issues with the government and have a smooth ride in the world’s one of the largest mobile markets.


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    We welcome every feedback. However, we are known in the market as one of the most authentic sources when it comes to data and analysis. And, there is a huge difference between Early Access and Public Launch.

  2. What bullshit. Guys don’t you fact check? Krafton has released its early access today itself. 🤣🤣🤣 please do your research before writing articles based on ‘rumours’


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