Top 3 Tech Trends 2015: “Internet Of Things” To Become “Internet Of Me”

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As 2015 rolled out, research analysts dug deep to understand which trends will dominate the tech industry for the rest of the year. While it is not possible to make accurate statements, market researchers have accumulated a huge amount of search data that can help us peep into the upcoming trends. Think with Google recently published an infographic giving us an insight of what we can expect and which are the Top 3 Tech Trends in 2015. The projected trends are based on US data only though, but considering that global tech market is pegged to the US, these trends present quite a comprehensive picture of global tech trends in 2015.

Some of the key highlights of the infographic are:

“Internet of Thing” will be an official thing as burgeoning devices start working together. Almost 4.9 billion connected things will be in use, globally; up by 30% y-o-y.

  • 2.5X more Searches related to “Internet of Things”
  • Search for wearables, especially among health-conscious people grew three-fold.
  • 28% increase in search for Smart TVs, surpassing other popular TV specs.
  • Videos about connected cars have been watched on YouTube for almost 1.6M hours.
  • Search for smart light bulbs went up by 36%.

“Internet of Things” is now transforming to become “Internet of Me“- making our lives seamless to all possible extents. Smartphones are now becoming an integral part of our daily to-do(s). To meet our increasing needs, smartphones have now become smarter to transform into a hub for all these connected platforms.

  • Almost 1.3 billion smartphones will have shipped globally in 2014.
  • Americans spend around 151 minutes every day on their smartphones, as compared to TV or laptops.
  • 1 out 5 searches on Google are location-based. Searches for “nearby” have gone up to 5X since 2011, as people now feel the need to keep a tab on what is happening around them.
  • From the past year, searches for personal health apps have become 12X more in this year.
  • Searches for NFS, which lets smartphones “talk to objects” have increased by 1.5 times in the last four years.


Thanks to proliferating smartphones, we are now living in an era where everything can be accessed, executed or bought with a click of a button. Not just internet, but we need speed in our daily activities as well. Whether it is entertainment or music, food or gadgets, we need things INSTANTLY. Quick decisions and highly interconnected apps will make our life simpler and faster this year.

  • It is all about seizing the moment. And what better way than a lightweight HD camera. 2015 will be the year for HD cameras.
  • Search for HD cameras grew by 25%; for compact- up by 42%; 4K by 142% and drones by 270%
  • Searches for drones was 2.6 times more since last year.
  • Almost 800K hours of drone videos were watched on YouTube in November 2014.
  • ‘Same day delivery’ shopping search in February 2014 was twice the searches in February 2010.
  • “Take me home” Google app gets 30X as many action queries by VOICE as by typing.

It is an era when people are becoming app-centric. Smartphone users are increasing rapidly across the globe. According to reports on Kantar, smartphone penetration in US reached 59% in Q4 2014. And this figure is on a rise. Soon, people will have human robots to make their life simpler. That’s the speed at which technology is racing ahead.

User-engagement, intentions and decisions seem to have undergone a renaissance. It is time for the marketers to step out of their comfortable cocoon and analyse the alarming facts that Think With Google has presented in the infographic:

Marketers can create better user experiences, thanks to programmatic technology that can help in delivering related ads in real-time. With the huge amount of data being generated in every moment, marketers can optimize these data to understand users’ behaviour and psychology. Admit it or not, user psychology plays a pivotal role in their decision to ultimately click on the “buy” button. The whole marketing funnel narrows down to this one point- Sales.


We are controlled by our smartphones to a great extent, And the mobile-app market is changing rapidly. Even to measure our health, we turn to health apps that do the calorie calculations for us. Location-based content and context and one-click delivery will become the USP in this year in mobile e-commerce category. Infuse brand royalty in your users by giving them an experience that is worth their time.

Consumers are always running short on time. They want everything NOW. As a marketer, you have to be on toes to make interactions, convincing and delivery fast, easy and simple. The industry is now awake 24/7! Extend your support to your customers at the hour of need as well as when they are busy in other chores.

2015 will set the trend of “Internet of Me” wherein it will be more about user-engagement, especially on smartphones. Presently, we can only brace up technology and optimize it to get the best possible result. As for going back to where we began, only by the year-end can we judge which technology or trend won the maximum attention.

Note: All Data is U.S. only unless mentioned otherwise.


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