App Deep Linking Is In Every App Developer’s To-Do List In 2015

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Global Smartphone industry is growing at a rapid pace. 3.5 million smartphone devices have been shipped by the end of 2014 and with 3 million unique apps, available for almost every purpose, users are becoming more device-centric. However, it has become challenging for developers to grab audience’s attention towards their application and convince them to use their apps. This situation leads to the emergence of App deep linking approach. This approach streamlines the process of reengagement and mobile based advertising.

Many of you may be asking yourself WHAT exactly is App deep linking and HOW is it BENEFICIAL for the developers. Do not worry, as you scroll down reading this article, you would be finding it more intuitive and interesting.

What Is App Deep Linking?

App deep linking is an approach, where “Uniform Resource Identifier” is embedded in the application content in order to direct the application users to the desired place inside the app.

The URI is similar to URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Like the URL, is used to direct the users to different web pages, in the same the URI helps application user jumps to the different applications. In order to integrate deeplink, it is required to code the app in such a way that your application can easily handle the URI.

This approach minimizes the conversion friction by shortening the gap between the users and the desired content, product & promo code.

apps deep linking

What Are Advantages Of Deep Linking?

Besides streamlining the process of directing the users inside the app, deep linking has many amazing benefits for application developers and other people (who are associated with generating the revenue through application). Below are given some of the major advantages of deep linking. Let’s explore all the benefits:

Enable Users To Engage With Desirable Content

With the help of deep link, the app developers can encourage the users to engage with the desired content or use that part of application, which they have not been using for many days.

Suppose a user downloads the hotel booking app and does not use that app. When he gets time to explore “the best cities to visit” with the help of his traveling application, then this application can direct the user to the hotel booking app with the help of deep linking. In this way, the hotel booking application will be used by that user.

Boost Advertisement Campaign

The deep linking can also ease advertising campaign. The marketers can improve their application’s exposure by funneling the existing user’s base toward the new application or some new features in the app that development team has just created. In this way, the deep linking can be a cost-effective and faster approach.

apps deep linking 2Integrate Mobile App With The Web World

Google has recently announced that they will index the mobile application’s deep link. This will provide a great opportunity to the app marketers and developer to make their app visible to the online users. But here, developer have to embed the powerful content within the app. The online users can directly view the app or jump to the app from the content on the internet. In this way, the application industry boosts the profit faster.

apps deep linking 3Enhance Mobile User-Experience

The deep linking can enhance the user-experience as it enables the users to directly reach the preferred application or the content. For example, the users are reading the news in the app. The news has textual and video content. Then, in order to see the video, the deep link can enable the users to directly see the video without opening the video application.

Why App Deep Linking Should Be In To-Do list?

It is every developer’s and marketer’s objective that the application users use their app frequently. In this case, app deep linking can help. Suppose, you have placed the banner ad that showcases the new level, which your team has recently added. When users click that Ad, he will expect that the ad directs him to the new level of the game and if he does not get directed to new level, then he will get frustrated and all your ad campaign fails. Therefore, it is necessary to include deep link in the app.

This will not only make your advertisement campaign successful, but also help you hold the existing user base easily.

Tools That Ease Deep Linking

At present, various tools are present that can help you embed deep link in your app. Let’s explore those tools, if you want to download or have more information about them, then you can click them.

  • Deeplink: Besides simplifying the integration of deep link, this platform comes with analytics functionality so that the users can easily track performance of links.
  • Branch: This tool supports personal onboard, referral and share features to make monetization from app easy.
  • URX: The tool can be easily integrated easily with drag and drop functionality. It provides the superb interface.
  • Appflyer: It can make the application promotion simpler and faster. The superb feature of this platform optimizes the user-experience
  • AppURL: It bridges the gap between a native app and web app effectively


Deep linking is the prolific process that can streamline the way for marketing and reengagement process. At present, only a few organizations are aware of this technique, but it is believed that this approach will become an integral part of their to-do list for all app developers in 2015.

If you need to have an expert advice on app deep linking or looking to hire experts on app development, please write to AppsChopper.


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