8 Reasons We Should NOT Miss Social Media Week Bangalore 2015

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Starting Monday, 23rd February 2015 and going on till the end of Friday, 27th February 2015, the Social Media Week Bangalore 2015, has some interesting tracks from interesting people. And, to make the event a powerhouse of knowledge & intelligence, Dazeinfo has boarded the event as Intelligence Partner. As as attendee, now you can expect much more action, gyaan, takeaways, actionable insights, mid-sharing with thought leaders, finding it a place where you can multiply your growth and leverage the connections you could make with over 100 speakers and 2,000 expected attendees at SMW Bangalore 2015.

Let’s cut the chase and get straight to who it is for and why it should be a must on our list.

1. Relevant Subjects, Relevant Speakers:
One of the key aspects of a well-delivered and well-planned event is the fact that the people speaking on the particular topic should be completely involved in that particular task as part of their bigger role and every day of their work life. With most events calling speakers who deliver generic advice, the Social Media Week is, in my humble opinion, such.

2. Ingredients of a Perfect MasterClass: 
With flavors of Advertising and Marketing, Education Hub, LifeStyle and Culture and Startup Hub, the diverse ingredients from the poised chefs of deeds (speakers) range from “Stories Of War…” to “…The Rise of Connected Class”. Garnished with generous comedy, technology insights and economies of execution, each dish prepared with eclectic fragrances of practical thinking, examples and rationale are nothing short of a MasterChef series for us to learn from.

3. Bite-sized Morsels of Ornate Insights:
The sessions are not elaborate and boring with one person hogging all of the time on stage. So, there will neither be the discomfort of having to bear it till it ends, nor will the feeling of “Now that I have paid the full price, I should make the most of it“, even it means grinding our teeth through what for us might be “but obvious”, haunt us to exhaustion.
Each session is not more than an hour and priced at about INR100 or less than $2.

4. Not the Same People:
Many of the speakers are not the same people we hear in usual conferences. Be it Kavi Arasu, Chief Manager, Learning & Development at Asian Paints, socially active blogger Shakthi V, Randhir Mishra, Chief Academic Officer, HCL TalentCare  or Nidhi Pratapneni, Director, Social Media & Community at Dell. Some knowledgeable known heads do make their special appearance including Harish Bijoor, Ravi Gururaj, Prem Panicker and Karthik Srinivasan, to give it the edge. However, most others are as uncommon as the Blackberry upgrades. And like they were guilty of not giving us enough to smile, they threw in a gallon of laughter, bringing in Comedian Praveen.

5. They have been so Fair: 
This time around, we even see a good number of celebrated women rush in to make us feel delighted and the country proud. Big names or fresh faces, they have them all. The ornamented beauty of Shruti Anand,  the mesmerizing smile of Archana Doshi, the social acumen of  Meena Srinivasan and the rib-tickling capacities of Aditi Mittal, are all waiting to wow us into an absolute universe of new learning.

6. It’s Serious Business:
If you have a great product and marketing is the challenge, everything from producing snackable content to empowering your creative referral marketing is being addressed right here. Converting complaining customers into brand advocates was not easy, we know. And SMC Bangalore decided they will handhold you to achieve that as well.

If you are an aspiring marketing superhero, “If Rajnikanth was a Social Media Manager” would help you plan your next leap. And if all is set and you are just looking for funds, “Understanding angel investments” answers your prayers.

7. Keen to Learn, Always a Student: 
After all, the best time of our lives we do so much in, is as students. Play pranks, enjoy holidays, Instagram, make friends, date cute girls and study as well. One of the desires we have always nourished is to teach the teachers how to teach and voila! SMW flipped the classroom. And if you are in your final year and nervous how you can sweep the interviewers off their feet, don’t pull the carpet yet. Social recruiting and startup opportunities will help you understand if the lion out there is a lion, at all.

8. For the Socially Concerned:
Whether you interpret the word “social” as friends or giving back, the Social Media Week Bangalore 2015 wants to please your taste. Friends should be easier to make over food, travel and even blogging, new ways of which are all covered there. And for the rest of us whose interest tilts towards how we can make a world of change, we have the interesting applications of social media in the social (as in social work) space. They even covered connecting India by digital literacy and expanding the impact to tier II cities and rural India using smartphones and social networks. Cherry on the cake, right!?

Housewives to honchos, learners to the learned, there is certainly a bouquet of sessions you could pick and choose and make the start of the rest of your life more informed, empowered and enchanting. Those who can’t wait to book the limited seats in each session the path to heaven is this way.

Hurry up, reserve your seats now and see you there!


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