Facebook Inc. (Fb) Video Marketing: 21 Second Videos Perform Best !

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In recent times there has been a gigantic increase in the number of videos in the Facebook Newsfeed. This new digital mode of dissemination in a post increases the click-through rate by 96%, which clearly depicts its lucrativeness. But the performance measures of these videos are not simply restricted to the number of times they are being clicked instead for how long they are able to cling their viewers and this is what Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is working on to help its traffickers.

The length of a video is an imperative factor for grabbing people’s attention. It wouldn’t be arduous to understand that the shorter and compact a video on Facebook’s Newsfeed is, the ideal it is. The average length of a video is 44 seconds on Facebook which makes them quite commensurate when compared to the below graph that depicts that the videos of length less than 21 seconds managed to have the highest retention of viewer.

Facebook vidoe retention rate


Why keeping them short?

The shorter a video is, the more is the probability of its being completed due to the very fact of conciseness and hence utilizing less of the viewer’s precious time. Withal to concision, the dispensers and the retailers need to keep in mind that in that competent time they should be able to fully bespeak the viewers about their main motif as there is a great contingency of them getting oblivious if the content is not able to cut the bone.

A short video can be as small as 8 seconds, but it can be more appealing and more compelling than a Choate story giving more scope for innovations and creativity. This doesn’t imply in any sense that a short video is prepared also in those fractions of minutes only as their length. Rather, putting everything in a closed nutshell is more tedious; nevertheless the marketers find them a better bet because of the odds of success in these shorter versions are tremendous.

The Number Game between length and retention of videos

According to a study, 20% of the viewers click away from a video just after 10 seconds or fewer. And the aggravation continues with the elapsing of sand of the hourglass with another 33% viewers moving away in 30 seconds, 45% by 1 minute and almost 60% in 1 minute.

Also, considering the credits and addons, Facebook does a canny preferential of considering a video completed if the user views 95% of it and by looking at the trend of the above chart it seems sensible too.

Strategy to increase the video viewership

Facebook has devised a strategy to personalize the Newsfeed based on people’s choice of videos. The earlier considered factors of likes, comments and shares have one more addition to it, which is how long someone has watched a video. In the current scenario about 57% of people complete a video once started viewing and working on this trend the number of videos to be displayed on the top of News Feed is being decided upon. The early results of this algorithm have improved the relevance ratio of individual video viewership choices.

The optimization tactics

The content of the video should strike the audience instantly and should be compelling so that it is able to captivate them before the ignited spark cools down. Also, anything of high gravity should not be left impending for the last moment, which includes even the credentials or endorsements all together at the end, because the most interested lot would also have a high potency to quit at the end. The increased acknowledgement of the Facebook user base towards the brand ad videos is proving to be a great exposure in the Newsfeed and the marketers need to cash upon this window of opportunity. According to a research conducted by Jun Group (2011), the videos of length 15 seconds or shorter are shared 37 % more than those of length between 30 seconds to a minute and finally videos exceeding that length also are just restricted to 18% of sharing pointing out the paramountcy of their brevity.

Facebook is consistently working on the inclusion of ads as videos and has been extremely successful even in pulling the audience towards them yet the scope of dispensing the ideas in a compact and comprehensive way is still a great challenge for the brands because at the end the crisp it is the better it gets.


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