Email Marketing: Marketers Record 55% Higher CTR After Adding Video Into Mailers [STUDY]

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The evolution of digital media has embraced the power of reach, engagement and conversation among people. Marketers are well monitoring the trend to leverage upon such enormous growth in the form of social media marketing, search engine optimization and opt-in email marketing. However, email marketing is still riding over the other forms of digital marketing and with insatiable demand of online video among Internet users, email marketing is the most powerful and engaged online marketing tool.

Email Marketing: Video Is The Key

Video in Email Marketing

According to the latest survey by The Relevancy Group, only one out of four email marketers are using video content into their mailers. The survey report outlines few startling facts about video consumption, adoption, challenges and myth; 22% marketers feel that adding video into emailers doesn’t make any sense as it would not create any impact over their email campaigns. Surprisingly, 43% marketers claimed they don’t have any video contents even if they consider adding into emailers. Nearly 24% marketers turned their back to video contents stating they have other priorities to improve their email marketing campaigns.

However, to test the other side of the coin, survey also recorded the views and feedback of marketers who have already adopted video into their email marketing campaigns and gaining momentum in form of response and engagement; 55% of them recorded higher Click Through Rate (CTR) after adding video into their email marketing campaigns. In fact, the benefits are not only restricted to one aspect as 44% also claimed subscribers are spending more time in reading an email, while 41% reported an increase in sharing and forwarding of emails.

The global email marketing industry size is expected to be worth US$6.5 billion by 2018. The growth in email marketing is attributed to higher penetration of Internet in many developing countries. At the same time, the explosive adoption of internet-connected Smartphones has also resulted in people spending more time over internet than ever before. In addition, the steady adoption of 3G and 4G network is allowing people to consume video contents in higher ratio.


  1. What can I say, video is a fun way to tell a compelling story –

  2. It’s amazing how changing one little thing can increase CTRs that much. What’s even more amazing is that some businesses are turning their backs on video to focus on other marketing aspects. YouTube is a hugely popular site for entertaining, inspiring, and educating consumers. Putting a little bit of that viral video potential in an email marketing campaign is just good business practice.


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