Appearing positive on on a video call In the era of video calls and video conference is essential: How to do it

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Why is it important for business partners to go beyond audio and use video conferencing services such as iMind whenever possible during remote sessions or calls? How to set up your device so that it looks beautiful in the frame? Especially if this is all new to you, and you have never even taken a selfie? We share the simplest recommendations for creating the perfect picture.

When is the best time to use video?

In a situation where all offline events have been canceled and students have already switched to online learning, it is very important to maintain relationships with classmates and teachers with the maximum effect of presence. It usually happens that only audio communication is used for calls, however, if the interlocutors not only hear your voice, but also see you, the conversation will turn out to be much more effective.

How to prepare for a video call session? The good news is that you don’t need to understand video formats and delve into technical nuances for this – just learn a few basic rules.

The main thing in video conferencing is still sound

All recommendations about the image are absolutely useless if your interlocutors will not hear well what you are saying. That’s why:

  • find the quietest place for a video call;
  • make sure your device’s built-in microphone works well.

If there is no time or opportunity to make sure of this, use a headset.

The more light, the better

Lighting is the main thing. The ideal option can be considered the one when you have a large window without direct sunlight, located not in front of you, not behind, but somewhere on the side. If there is no window or it is happening in the evening, you need to use a fairly bright table lamp, which is located somewhere on the side, but not directed at you.

Webcams and mobile phone cameras have small sensor sizes and are highly dependent on lighting. But make sure that the light source – it doesn’t matter if it’s a window or a table lamp – is by no means in the frame.

Position the camera correctly

The first thing you should pay attention to is the distance to the camera. You should not be too many or too few in the frame. All webcams have a very wide shooting angle, and in most cases there is a peephole effect. But through experimentation, you can always achieve what looks natural. Different devices behave differently, so start with a distance of about half a meter, and then focus on your taste.

Get in touch by first attaching the camera

If you choose to use your mobile phone to make a call (or record a video message), never do so while holding the device in your hand. Install it on a hard surface and fix it in any convenient way. Because if a call or recording lasts longer than a few minutes, you will definitely not be able to hold the device smoothly in your hands.

Why is it important? Banal concern for interlocutors. If you hold the phone in your hands for more than a few minutes, the picture will begin to change constantly, and with it, the light balance may “jump”. Sooner or later, such flickering will begin to interfere, and it will become more difficult for your interlocutors to focus on the subject of the conversation. Leave handheld footage for social media stories.

Do I need to “play” with the device settings?

Modern webcams and smartphones are very well automated devices. Of course, you can try changing the settings and try different modes, but you won’t change the situation dramatically, especially if you haven’t been professionally involved in photography or video shooting before.

Therefore, we return to the first points: take care of good lighting, foremost.

Check and make sure everything is OK beforehand

Join the call a little earlier to check how you look on the video. Turn on the camera and make sure there is enough light, you are looking directly at the other person, and there is no cat jumping in the background (although you can leave the cat – this is an occasion for a small talk until everyone else has connected).


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