State Of Social Media, Mobile And Video: Facts Figures And Statistics Of 2012

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Of course everyone is crazy about mobile social media and videos these days. The recent facts  about these top three trends have given out few mesmerizing facts, figures and stats which happened in 2012. These facts and figures take you to a short trip around 2012.

Social Media:

People by large are getting social and they feel an essential need to connect and expand their connections. So there would be deep rooted connections of their friends and family located far off. Have a glimpse at the points below which were buzzing in 2012 in terms of social media.

Social media in 2012

  • Number of monthly posts by Facebook page in Brazil is said to be 85,962 and this makes Brazil as the most active country on Facebook.
  • It’s observed that 47% of Facebook users are female. It’s beyond belief to know that the average time spent by users on Facebook is 405 minutes every month which is equal to nearly 81 hrs in a year.
  •  Number of monthly active users on Facebook is believed to be 1.06 billion as of Q4 2012 and Twitter noticed 200 million Monthly active users, passed in December besides, 187 million members are noticed on LinkedIn (September). There are 135 million monthly active users on Google+ and also its +1 button is used 5 billion times per day.
  • Facebook sees 2.7 billion “Likes” every day and in 2012 its said to have played 210,000 years of music. The average age of a Facebook user is said to be 40.5 years. While, average age of a LinkedIn user is said to be 44.2 years and 37.3 years for Twitter user.
  • It’s believed that the average number of tweets sent every day throughout 2012 is 175 million whereas, average tweets by Twitter user is 307. Interestingly, the average number of followers per Twitter user is 51. In addition, Twitter saw 163 billion Tweets since Twitter started, passed in July 2012.
  • The retweets for Barack Obama’s tweet “Four more years” saw 819,000+ retweets and is said to be the most retweets ever. Also, the Number of tweets per minute when Barack Obama was re-elected is said to be 327,452. And, during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 olympics, the number of tweets observed was 9.66 million.


We are living in an electronic age where the whole world is taking a new turn every second. It has given birth to globalization of mobile; here are some facts, figures and stats of 2012 in mobile industry.

Mobile in 2012

  • Number of global Smartphone subscribers are said to be 1.1 billion and 1.3 billion Smartphone in use was noticed worldwide by the end of 2012. Plus, Smartphones consumed an average of 500 megabytes monthly data traffic.
  • It’s said that, 465 million Android Smartphone’s were sold in 2012. Also, 700.1 million global smartphone shipments were seen in 2012. In other words, 44% mobile handsets which were sold last year were smartphones.
  • While, there are 5.3 billion mobile handsets with 5 billion mobile phone users, 6.7 billion of mobile subscriptions and 5 billion mobile broadband subscriptions. In all handsets 504 kbps was the average mobile network connection speed globally. And, 1,820 kbps was average mobile network connection speed globally in Smartphones. It’s also considered that 31% of the U.S internet population used tablet or e-reader.
  • Interestingly, mobile accounted for 13% of total global Internet traffic and it’s estimated that, global mobile data traffic per month in 2012 is 1.3 exabytes in which 59%  Share of global mobile data traffic goes to videos alone.


Videos have become the most dependable source to watch, share and advertise. Most of the people depend on internet videos for information. To know more about its state in 2012, have a sneak peak at the points below.

 social media sites in 2012

  • In December 2012, the total number of unique visitors of online video in the U.S. are said to be 181.7 million. 150,648,303 of unique visitors were noticed for video to Google Sites in September 2012 and is said to be the number one video property.
  • It’s said that, 800 million unique visits are observed on YouTube each month and 72 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Also, YouTube is available on 350 million mobile devices and 100 million people take a social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc) every week.
  • 2.7 billion views of videos uploaded to YouTube were tagged to Obama or Romney during the 2012 U.S. Presidential election. 2.5 million hours of news-related videos were uploaded to YouTube. We watch 4 billion hours of videos on YouTube every month.
  • In just 5 months of period, PSY’s Gangnam Style video became the first online video to reach 1 billion views.
  • There are 14 million Vimeo users who played 200 petabytes of video during 2012 in vimeo.
  • There are 60 million global visitors monthly on Ustream and it enjoyed 16.8 million total visitors in 24 hours for a video.


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