It’s a known fact that now a days social networking sites are widely used by business personals, friends & family etc to share anything online and Facebook has a big hand behind this sharing. According to Searchmetrics, Facebook ‘Shares’ Strongly Correlate with the Google Search Ranking system. Or in other words, the Facebook share factor will partially help the SEOs to achieve better page ranking on Google search.

SEO’s are in a constant battle of optimizing their web pages, to bring their pages up in the search engine result. But due to the recent and frequent algorithm updates like Panda update and Penguin update by the search engine god – Google, SEO’s are finding a hard time to understand and likewise change their optimization strategy.

The surprising factor is that most of the website owners didn’t even notice these changes, which they came to know after only a few months.

This study about the Facebook Share factor can help SEO’s to rank their pages better. Not only that, Shares by Twitter and Google+ also is responsible for the betterment of page ranking.


According to Searchmetrics, the larger the bar on the X-axis, the greater the correlation. Facebook Shares have a positive correlation while ‘Title Character Length’ has a negative correlation. A mixture of shares, comments and ‘likes’ has even stronger effect.Therefore the largest correlation occurs between Facebook Shares and the lowest between the position of Title Keywords. Coming to the Title length, the shorter the title , the better the ranking.

Having said that, backlinks will remain the most powerful factor for better page ranking, except that the links with stop words and ‘nofollow’ should also be included in the stategy – to avoid links in the comment section or similar areas.

This approach might change the trend of many online marketers and the optimization theory of the SEO’s.

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