What People Searched On Google Inc. (GOOGL) In 2014 !

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It is said that Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has all the answers. So, how much did Google contribute to our quest for information in 2014? Well, the question is already answered by the top charts list 2014 released by Google. Finally, we are handed the list of the top trending searches which has been searched by people all over the world through Google. The list highlights athletes, consumer electronics, YouTube videos, celebrities, etc. that had been searched on Google the most and paid maximum attention to.

Top Five Global Trending Searches

Among the top global trending searches of the year 2014, the actor legend late Robin Williams tops the list. The man, who devoted his life to acting and bringing smiles on the faces of his fans, had to leave the world in a tragic death. His position in the list itself shows the love and respect people had for him. Robin Williams is followed by FIFA World Cup which raised mass excitement among the football lovers all over the world. Especially, the final match between Germany and Argentina and the anxiety about it gained FIFA the second position on the list. Third on the list is Ebola. This deadly disease which had its origination in West Africa took many lives around the world this year. Some people googled it to know about the precautionary measures, some did to find a cure and some people just wanted to gather enough information about the disease. Then comes the mysterious episode of the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Flight No. 370. While flying from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China on 8th March 2014, the flight suddenly disappeared. Many people tried to unfold the mystery by using Google. Fifth most searched topic on Google was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The Ice-Bucket challenge and videos related to it flooded all the social networking sites. The initiative was taken for the noble cause of promoting awareness about the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease and encouraging people to donate for further research.

Top Searches in India

The list of the top global searches on Google caters to almost all the countries over the world. Hence, Google also has answers to questions like, who is the most talked about celebrity in India or which incident gained utmost prominence in India.

Most searched in India

The most searched site on Google in 2014 is the government site of IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation). Even in the previous year, IRCTC held the top position. This shows that this particular site is serving the country efficiently and hence, people prefer booking their travel tickets through this site. Second most searched site is Flipkart.com. In 2013, Flipkart was at number three. Flipkart’s biggest sale called ‘The Big Billion Day” held on 6th of October can be the driving cause behind its number two position on the list this year. SBI Online gained the third position on the list. State Bank of India, being one of the government banks serving the entire nation when came up with online banking facility, gained a lot of attention from people all over the country. People get the benefit of performing all the bank related works from anywhere with any device which has an internet connection with SBI Online. Next most searched site is Snapdeal.com. Snapdeal is another E-commerce site like Flipkart but it didn’t feature on the list last year. Even Snapdeal held its biggest sale on the same day with Flipkart. Thus, this can be a reason for its raised popularity among people this time. The fifth most searched topic on Google is the PNR Status. Last year, PNR Status was in the fourth position. People check their PNR Status when travelling by train. Though IRCTC is ranked number one on the list, PNR Status losing its previous position is an indication that many people have probably started preferring other means of transport over the trains.

Top trending searches

The top most trending search in India on Google is the Elections 2014. This event in the country has generated mass anxiety and excitement at the same time. Changing of the powerful hands of the country came with a number of promises which the people of the nation expect to be fulfilled in the coming years. Following the Elections is the FIFA World Cup. The position of FIFA coincides with the global list. This shows the kind of encouragement FIFA received not only from the people in India but also from people all over the world. Last year, this position was acquired by IPL 2013. This also shows that sports is an exciting phenomenon among the Indians. The over-hyped iPhone 6 from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) attains the third position. This device was introduced to the market this year and gained popularity for its larger screen and high market price. In fact, almost every year one or other Apple product is introduced and hyped. Next on the list is GATE 2015; Lat year GATE 2014 was at number five. The rise in its position marks the increase of its awareness among the students. A total number of 889,156 students appeared for GATE 2014. Hence, a rise in the number can be expected this time. The fifth position is acquired by our very own Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. This year, he won the elections with flying colours. His attempts towards economic reforms have gained him the confidence of his people. His public speeches have encouraged the people in India to work towards progress. His ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ has gained him a lot of fame and encouraged people in working towards keeping their cities clean. His promising words also gained him the top position in the list of the most searched Indian politicians on Google, even before he became the PM of the country, in 2013.

Most searched people

The Bollywood star Sunny Leone is the most searched person in India on Google. She holds her number one position since last year. Second to her is Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. Salman Khan lost his position from number two to number three this year. His big release this year was Kick which broke all the box office records though. Even Katrina Kaif lost her position from number three to number four this year. Katrina’s Bang Bang portrayed a very different side of the actress’s versatility with a number of action packed sequences in the flick. Deepika Padukone was at number four last year. This year her position has dropped down to number five. Last year, her Chennai Express and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani gained her a lot of attention and fame. This year her Ramleela and Happy New Year couldn’t do much to get her the same kind of attention as last year.

top people

Most searched Tech devices

The introduction of the Moto G 2014 of Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE:MSI) has generated a lot of sensation in the market this year. As a pocket-friendly Android KitKat OS phone, Moto G tops the list this year. Last year, the top position was acquired by Samsung Galaxy S4. Second on the list is iPhone 6 due to its high market value. Last year the second position was gained by Nokia Lumia 520 of Nokia Corporation (ADR) (NYSE:NOK). Samsung Galaxy S5 of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. (KRX:005930) is on the third position. This shows that the position of Samsung Galaxy phones in the market is deteriorating which once ruled the market for Android phones. Last year Micromax Canvas 2 was on the third position. The fourth position is acquired by another Motorola phone, Moto E. Having two Motorola phones on the list of the top five most searched tech devices itself shows that Motorola is again climbing up the market ladder in order to gain its position back. Last year the fourth position was taken by Samsung Galaxy Grand. Nokia X holds the fifth position this year which was held by Micromax Canvas the last year. The trend shows that the Samsung Galaxy phones and the Micromax phones, which featured on the top five list have lost their popularity this year. Motorola, on the other hand, is moving up the list, with two of its devices featuring on it.

Thus, all the different categories of the top five most searched on Google lists show that a number of new topics, events and people have been googled which were either unknown or not given much importance in the last year. From new diseases to new phones are being searched and Google succeeds in providing ample information to people around the globe.


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