Facebook By The Numbers: An Updated Overview [Infographic]

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Facebook has become an integral part for internet users as they spend good number of hours daily on the social network either by chatting, uploading pics or updating their status. Facebook’s popularity is increasing in an unexpected manner in last 3 years that made it gain more than 700 million users. As per the data collected, a number of users associated with Facebook at the U.S. Presidential Election in 2008 was around 100 millions which has risen to 800 million and still increasing with days passing. Interestingly, the current Facebook population is bigger than the number of users associated with the internet in 2004. The company is in its glorious period as revenue has also increased unexpectedly compared to last year and analysts have predicted that its revenue will touch the milestone of $4.64 billion by the end of this fiscal year. A recent survey by Strata suggests that more than 89 percent of advertising agencies will prefer Facebook network for advertising campaigns.

Back in January this year, we showcased another amazing infographic about Facebook Facts and Figures which contains many interesting aspects of social media giants by that time. Latest, the below Infographic by Vocus’ Social Media Strategy Tools highlights Facebook by the recent numbers, facts, figures and updates:




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