Dead Island: Zombies, Zombies and Zombies.! Fun With Terror

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Dead Island- a first-person horror and melee combat game developed by Techland and Deep Silver that has been recently launched- is getting well acclaimed by the gamers around the world. Set on an open tropical world, the game features RPG elements i.e there is a skill and experience system for the character development. Dead Island’s gameplay is really addictive as its well combined with first-person action with a huge focus on melee combat, character development and customization of a wide variety of weapons. The above features are amazingly integrated with a creepy horror story which has lots of blood thirsty zombies to engage,with up to 4 players in co-op mode. The graphics of the game is well maintained, world is highly detailed, visual effects are amazing and physics used in the game is also mind-boggling. Chrome Engine 5, game engine used for developing the game totally served the purpose in all the levels though the outdoor graphics is much better than the indoor one. Graphics of the game while roaming the world in open environment is really astounding. Some of the snapshots of the game released by Deep Silver are given below.

The story is set in the island of Banoi, a heaven just off the coast of Papua New Guinea, where the main  character is enjoying his dream vacation. But the vacation mysteriously turns into the nightmare the hordes of blood thirsty zombies. The main characters wake up in the Palms Resort hotel of the island of Banoi to find the island outraged by the hordes of zombies and mysteriously, they are immune to whatever is making people into zombies. The gamers have to play their chosen character and will try to find and help other survivors, they must also find a way to escape the island as well. The players will go through a series of adrenaline main and side quests. The story itself is mysteriously woven with various adrenaline raising moments. The game is getting good ratings over all the main gaming websites. Below you people can have a look at the latest game trailer released by Deep Silver.


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