Windows 8 Ready For Big Debut: Is Microsoft Over Accelerating On OS ?

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It’s not been much time when world first witnessed the glimpse of Windows 8 in June this year – specifically offered by Microsoft. Now, Microsoft is gearing up to peel off the cover in full length from the next version of its flagship operating system – Windows 8. Come next week, at Microsoft’s developers Build conference at Anaheim, Calif and you will witness the complete naked version of Windows 8.

This time Microsoft is in no mood for any surprise. Apparently, it’s gradually uncovering the next OS baby only to raise the excitement – and probably to create positive market scenario – among all its competitors.

In last June when company first provided a very brief demo of Windows 8, expectation started taking place for the launch and blogging sphere started addressing the topic in full swing. Undoubtedly, there are the couple of technical aspects which makes Windows 8 different from its earlier OS family.

This time Microsoft has decided to go along with as many chipset manufacturers instead of gelling well with only one. Company has already announced the ARM processor support from Texas instrument, Qualcomm and NVidia for Windows 8 in addition of traditional x86 support from Intel. It has also been said that the boot time has been improved drastically compare to older version of Windows OS.

However, company also went through a surprise patch when first built version was leaked and went over EBay for auction.

By all the means, the debate is also been triggered whether Microsoft is showing its desperation in the presence of constant growing competition –like never before – from Google’s Chrome OS, Mac OS rebirth or Tablet’s Android and iOS platform.

Many analysts doesn’t feel any strong need or requirement current for Microsoft to launch for any new Operation System atleast for next 2 years. Especially more than 400 million licenses of Windows 7 have been sold in no time and more than 65% of users are expecting to migrate to Windows in next 7 months, it doesn’t make any sense for the company to become bullish on any new version of OS.

The majority of Windows OS users have still not been able to adopt the new algorithm procedures and they need time to settle down with completely revamped Windows 7. Many applications on Windows XP doesn’t work with Windows 7, the new UI is little hard to understand unlike XP and Performance still need an open certification from end users.

So, what’s making Microsoft to set up such a huge investment boiler behind the development and launch of Windows 8? Surely, this is an effort by company to take a big lap from its competitors by overheating the technology level and securing their user base.

Whatever it may be, one thing is quite clear; Microsoft is in no mood to slow down and with the rumors of Office 2012 tomorrow is not going to be dead for sure.



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