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Huawei New OS: Hongmeng Is The Answer To Android?

Huawei new OS Hongmeng
Huawei new OS is all set to debut!By now you must have read about the recent blow receive by Huawei - the world's second largest smartphone manufacturer. As Huawei found itself with very few options to deal with the situation, it's apparent that the best alternative for the company is to launch its own operating system the company has...

Google Bans Huawei From Using Android: The Beginning Of The End For Huawei?

Google bans Android on Huawei
Finally, the grip of US authorities around the neck of Huawei is tightening to a level of choking. Google has banned Huawei from using Android OS in its upcoming devices. To make the situation more critical for Huawei, Google has also made it clear that all the existing Huawei and Honor users will no longer be entitled to receive...

Google’s Secret OS Fuchsia: The Beginning of The End of Android?

Google new OS FUCHSIA
Google has spilt some beans about the secret OS it has bee working for over 3 years now. Dubbed as Fuchsia, the new operating system from Google is touted to be the unified platform that may power all kinds of devices, be it mobile, desktop or futuristic IoT products.In the recently concluded Google I/O 2019, a senior executive from...

Microsoft Sets Date To End The support For Windows 7

Prepared to bid adieu to Microsoft Windows 7!Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is finally preparing to end the support for Windows 7 - the most popular Windows OS in the last decade. The company is planning to do so by January 14, 2020. That means Microsoft Windows 7, along with Office 2010, will stop receiving software and security updates, including the...

The New Windows 10 Update Puts Microsoft In Hot Water

Windows 10 Update
The next big upcoming Windows 10 update, due in October 2018, has been pulled back by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) after concerning reports of some rather serious bugs emerged over the last couple of days.Microsoft's market-leading desktop operating system, Windows 10, was due to receive a massive update in October adding a slew of new features, upgrades and quality of...

Google Chrome OS To Grow Beyond Cloud Computing With Android Integration

Google Chrome OS
Although Google Chrome OS is not the most popular OS of the likes of MAC and Windows, it is the first to narrow the gap between smartphone and computing environments. Among the host of announcements in the latest Google I/O show, a few developments related to Google's web-based OS managed to create the 'buzzword' in the operating system vocabulary.The...

Microsoft Announces A New OS, And It’s Not Based On Windows

Microsoft Linux OS brad MCU
No one can ever imagine Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) without Windows, especially when it comes to developing an operating system (OS). But, looks like the company has decided to surprise us this time. From the announcement made by the company yesterday, it is clear the next OS of Microsoft will be based on Linux, not on Windows.Wait, no need to rush!Microsoft's new OS...

Android Oreo Will Change The Way Users Interact with Their Smartphone

It's that time of the year again. Google, now owned by Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL), is releasing the next major Android update, and the excitement of Android users around the globe is palpable.Any major Android update is a big deal. This is especially true when it is a significant generational update like Android 8.0. Dubbed "Oreo" after the iconic cream...

Can Amazon Make Its Mark In The Mobile OS Space To Challenge Android?

amazon mobile os
Android and iOS are the two most familiar names in the mobile tech industry and the two mainstays of the smartphone revolution that began nearly a decade ago. Over the years, both Android and iOS have overtaken numerous competitors to emerge as the leaders. The pretenders to the throne have been vanquished, and Android is the undisputed king of the global mobile...

Can Windows 10 Turn It All Around For Microsoft In Smartphone Space ?

India as a country has always been big about the past, about reminiscing the good old days of simpler times and simpler phones. Nokia might have lost its individual identity, but the name still inspires confidence among millions of Indians. This brand value is what Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) will be looking to leverage as they aim to woo the...

Will I Lose Anything with an Upgrade to Windows 10 OS ?

upgrade to windows 10 OS
Windows 10 is the newest version of Microsoft’s proprietary operating system, and this revolutionary platform is free to Windows users for a full year. You can upgrade to Windows 10 OS, available at this link to all Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users whose devices meet the minimum system requirements. But not all older programs and utilities are directly compatible...

Why is Samsung Launching More Tizen OS Powered Smartphones ?

Google Android and Apple iOS rule the mobile operating system industry with the former having a whopping 78% of market share and the latter dominating 18.3% of the 334.4 million smartphones shipped worldwide in Q1 2015, leaving practically no room for any other mobile OS to grow. Tizen operating system is a new entrant, which is based on the...

Why Will Microsoft Windows 10 Be The Last Emperor Of Windows Dynasty

Plain, simple and straight: Windows 10 will be the last OS of Windows family. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has just cleared the air that was surrounding for months now. Speaking at the on-going multi-day conference, Microsoft Ignite, the company’s developer evangelist Jerry Nixon dropped a bombshell that has left the whole tech world shocked and stunned. "Right now we’re releasing Windows...

What To Expect From Apple iOS 9: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!

Apple iOS 9 features
It's the time of the year when the rumor mills start churning out data, most of which speculate to the next thing to come out of the Cupertino giant. It has been a year that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) can be happy about after the groundbreaking sales that recorded a tally of 169.2 million iPhones being sold in the CY 2014! Not...

How Google Inc. (GOOG) Plans To Use Android L To Minimize Fragmentation Problem: An Extensive Look

Android L Material UI Design
Right from its early days, Android has been constantly battered and bruised around due to its software and hardware fragmentation problems. As per latest numbers, even after 9 months of its release, there are only 8.5% of smartphones running on Android KitKat. Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) knows that it needs to contain this problem, but without sacrificing Android’s 'free and...

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Windows Phone OS Is Destined For Success

Windows Phone 8.1 Partners
It is being speculated all along that Windows Phone has already lost the smartphone market to iOS and Android, but I think that we should show slightly more confidence in Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) smartphone platform. As per IDC with just 3.5% market share right now, Windows Phone is a distant third player compared to its major rivals Android and...

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