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Google Chrome OS To Grow Beyond Cloud Computing With Android Integration

Google Chrome OS
Although Google Chrome OS is not the most popular OS of the likes of MAC and Windows, it is the first to narrow the gap between smartphone and computing environments. Among the host of announcements in the latest Google I/O show, a few developments related to Google's web-based OS managed to create the 'buzzword' in the operating system vocabulary.The...

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Disappointed As 3 Out Of 4 Desktops Are Still Booting Windows 7 Or Windows XP

Windows 8.1 has finally overtaken its predecessor Windows 8 in terms of monthly market share. According to Net Applications research, for May 2014, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) maintained its dominance in desktop operating system market with 90.87% share, while Windows 8.1 leapfrogged Windows 8 to achieve the fourth spot with 6.35% market share. Where Are Windows XP users Moving To? Despite Microsoft urging users...

Windows 8 Ready For Big Debut: Is Microsoft Over Accelerating On OS ?

It’s not been much time when world first witnessed the glimpse of Windows 8 in June this year – specifically offered by Microsoft. Now, Microsoft is gearing up to peel off the cover in full length from the next version of its flagship operating system – Windows 8. Come next week, at Microsoft’s developers Build conference at Anaheim, Calif...

Tips & Tricks: Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7

If you are reading this post that means you are among those who use his computer extensively and highly depends on the computer of various tasks. Specially for professionals who need to execute multiple tasks at the same time with the maximum use of Keyboard. With the launch of new OS Windows 7, Microsoft integrated many more keyboard oriented...

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