Huawei Is Gunning For Acquiring A Fifth Of Android’s Userbase With Its Own HarmonyOS!

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After Google’s ban on Huawei in 2019, the Chinese-origin tech company is all set to roll out HarmonyOS later in 2021 as beta testing is already in motion for the new mobile operating system which will lock horns with the iOS and Android.

Last year, Huawei has officially launched its own operating system – HongmengOS (known in English as the HarmonyOS) in China.

Currently, it is being rumoured that HarmonyOS might just be released in the first half of this year with Huawei P50-line up, becoming the first-ever smartphones to come with Huawei’s own operating system instead of EMUI powered by Android. 

Huawei HarmonyOS Smartphone 2021

Ahead of Huawei HarmonyOS’s launch, the company has already set some far-reaching targets for its OS. Previously, the company said they want 100 million devices to have their operating system installed on by 2021 but now they are aiming even higher.

According to Huawei Central, the Shenzhen based tech giant’s software chief Wang Chenglu shared an update about the rollout of HarmonyOS wherein he mentioned the HarmonyOS hardware product base might reach up to a whopping 400 million units in 2021.

Now, if this target is compared to the market leader Google’s OS which is currently installed on over 2 billion devices worldwide, looks like Huawei is gunning for a fifth of Android’s userbase.

But that being said, Huawei doesn’t aim to accomplish their overly far-reaching goal simply by hitting smartphone numbers. No. That is not the case. HarmonyOS has been designed to be able to work with a wide range of devices which, besides smartphones, also include wearables and in-car entertainment systems.

Thus, in entirety, hitting 400 million can be somewhat possible if they target to fulfil the numbers by ensuring HarmonyOS is installed on a mix of all the device categories it supports.

Huawei’s software chief Wang, in his statement about Hongmeng OS aka HarmonyOS, also mentioned that it won’t be a copy of Android or the iOS. Instead, it is a panoramic OS that is built around the future IoT era which is way different than anything that is available in the smartphone market space as of right now. 

The first hands-on footage of the OS in action emerged soon after the mobile beta of Hongmeng began in China in the previous month. The early impression that one can get from the footage shows that HarmonyOS has quite a similar look and feel to EMUI but happens to run much smoother and faster.

Also, it has been reported that the current HarmonyOS build which is still in beta still supports Android apps which if makes it to the publicly rolled out stable version of the operating system as well, then will allow users to run a huge range of existing apps on their devices. But, as of right now it is still unclear whether this feature will make it out of beta testing or not.

Lastly, HarmonyOS apps have been pegged to be able to automatically adjust in size based on the device on which it is running and therefore requires only one development time. Again, if this feature makes it to the stable version, it will end up being a big boon for developers who will be able to effectively streamline their development process and speed things up. We will keep you updated about all future developments. Until then, stay tuned.


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