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Ban On Huawei Is Hurting Apple The Most!

Huawei ban Apple effect
The aftermaths of the trade ban imposed by the US government on Huawei has started appearing. While the debate on the smartphone companies that could be benefited most due to the suspension of Huawei's Android license by Google is on, smartphone users in China have started reacting to show their support to homegrown Huawei. And guess who is on...

US Lifts The Ban On Huawei, Albeit Temporarily

ban on Huawei postponed
Officials at Huawei can have a sign of relief, at least for now. The US Commerce Department has temporarily lifted the ban on Huawei which restricts the Chinese smartphone major to buy products from the US companies, such as Qualcomm and Google.Starting from today 21st May, the temporary suspension of ban is valid for 90 days only.Huawei received a...

Worldwide Smartphone Shipment Share by Vendor, By Quarter

Worldwide Smartphone Shipment Share by Vendor Q1 2019
The above graph represents the worldwide smartphone shipment share by vendors between Q1 2011 and Q1 2019.  Samsung continued to dominate the worldwide smartphone shipments in Q1 2019 with 23.13% share, followed by Huawei that accounted for 19.02% share.The share of Apple tanked to three years low as the worldwide sales of the iPhone reached to a disappointing level....

Huawei New OS: Hongmeng Is The Answer To Android?

Huawei new OS Hongmeng
Huawei new OS is all set to debut!By now you must have read about the recent blow receive by Huawei - the world's second largest smartphone manufacturer. As Huawei found itself with very few options to deal with the situation, it's apparent that the best alternative for the company is to launch its own operating system the company has...

Google Bans Huawei From Using Android: The Beginning Of The End For Huawei?

Google bans Android on Huawei
Finally, the grip of US authorities around the neck of Huawei is tightening to a level of choking. Google has banned Huawei from using Android OS in its upcoming devices. To make the situation more critical for Huawei, Google has also made it clear that all the existing Huawei and Honor users will no longer be entitled to receive...

Huawei 5G Smartphones To Debut With Jaw Dropping Prices

Huawei 5G smartphones
The price of Huawei 5G smartphones would give competitors run for their money.Smartphone manufacturers have upped the ante to fight and dominate the next battle in the smartphone space - 5G smartphone market. All the major players are going to foray into it, with some even have started unveiling the prices of their 5G devices. Huawei, the world's third-largest...

Arrested Huawei CFO Turns Out To Be A Big Fan Of Apple Products

Huawei CFO loves apple products
When your enemy turns out to be your biggest fan, half the battle is already won!When Meng Wanzhou, CFO - Huawei Technology Co Ltd, was arrested in Canada on December 01, 2018, little did anyone know how much she loved Apple products. It was only just a few days back when it came to light that Meng Wanzhou apparently relied...

Will Huawei P30 Pro With Revolutionary Periscope Zoom Be A Game Changer?

All eyes are set on Huawei P30 Pro, the successor of P20 Pro that successfully made heads turned almost the same time last year.Huawei has emerged as a power player in the smartphone industry in recent years. The successes of its flagship smartphone devices embody its rise in a nutshell. With P20 Pro launched last year, Huawei introduced the first...

Foldable smartphones: The new fad after the iPhones?

foldable smartphones MWC 2019
With the foldable smartphones finally coming into the fray, we sense a similar excitement for a new product that can last be traced back to 2007, when the full touchscreen iPhone was released. Fast forward 11 years, we see full touchscreen mobile phones have become the synonym of Smartphone.When both the type of products - Full touchscreen smartphone and...

Huawei Employing Shady Tactics To Compete With Apple?

huawei stealing apple trade secrets
Huawei has been enjoying the spotlight for some months now. After witnessing a whopping 43.9% YoY growth in its smartphone shipments in Q4 2018, globally, the company has been rolling out new and promising models one after another. After launching P20 and P20 Pro at the beginning of 2018, Huawei once again made the heads turned with Mate 20...

Honor Accounts For 80% Of Huawei’s Smartphone Sales In India

The exploded adoption of smartphones in India is led by the entry-level and mid-range smartphones, mostly manufactured by Chinese players, likes of Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi. Back in 2013, the unprecedented growth in a short span of time was lucrative enough to attract the eyeballs of many well-established global players who were earlier sceptical about the potential in India...

Huawei Smartphone Shipments In 2018: Record 200 Million Figure Making Apple Anxious?

Huawei vs Apple smartphone shipments Q1 - Q3 2018
Huawei has been slowly but steadily strengthening its presence in the global smartphone industry for quite some time now. From budget to premium smartphones, Huawei sells them all, albeit under a different brand name. The increasing market share of Honor - Huawei's sub-brand to penetrate entry to mid-range smartphone segment - has been a cause of concerns for other manufacturers...

Global Smartphone Shipments Q3 2018: Huawei, Xiaomi Shine Amid Decline [REPORT]

Worldwide Smartphone Shipments
The number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to hit 3 billion mark by the end of 2018, which depicts that 39% of the global population will be owning a smartphone. It portrays a big window of opportunity for all smartphone manufacturers to strengthen their presence by penetrating the global market more deeply. Surprisingly, the global smartphone shipments have been declining with...

Worldwide Tablet Shipments Q3 2018: Amazon.com Bounces Back In Top 3 [REPORT]

worldwide tablet industry q3 2018
Global tablet shipments have gone down yet again in Q3 2018, due to the increasing demand for large screen flagship smartphones, a.k.a Phablets, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Apple iPhone XS Max, OnePlus 6T, etc. Surprisingly, this is the 16th quarter in a row when the global tablet market witnessed a YoY decline in terms of shipments. According...

Xiaomi Has Sold 100 Million Smartphones In Just 10 Months

Xiaomi smartphone sales 2018
The meteoric rise of Xiaomi in the last few years is far from showing any sign of a slowdown. The world's fourth largest smartphone maker is constantly keeping itself on tows to scale new heights with each passing quarter. This year is no exception. According to the latest announcement made by the company's Chief Lei Jun on his Sina...

Worldwide Smartphone Shipments: Q1 2011-Q1 2019

Worldwide Smartphone Shipments
 The above graph represents the worldwide smartphone shipments from Q2 2015 to Q1 2019, by the top five smartphone vendors. In Q1 2019, the world's top 5 smartphone vendors were Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and Vivo.A total of 310.8 million units of smartphones was shipped globally during the first quarter of 2019. That's a significant 7% YoY decline. Surprisingly, Q1...

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