Amazon is making shopping more enjoyable, launched a TikTok-style feed ‘Inspire’

Amazon is making our shopping experience more enjoyable. The e-commerce giant has rolled out a TikTok-style feature "Inspire" in its app that would allow customers to buy products from a customised feed of photos and videos.

Must Read, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), the world’s largest e-commerce player, keep making strategies to attract customers to its shopping platform. This time, the company has rolled out a TikTok-style feature in its app that would allow customers to buy products from a customised feed of photos and videos. According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon Inspire feature will soon be available to selected customers in the US, and will be available to all customers in the coming months.

In August, Amazon was reportedly testing Inspire feature with a small number of employees.

Now here the question arises, will Amazon Inspire, an in-app shopping feed, be able to attract social media creators and influencers? Or it will suffer the same fate as Amazon’s other businesses in India?

Amazons’ another attempt to lure social media influencers

The launch of Inspire feature appears to be yet another efforts by Amazon’s to entice social creators and influencers to use the shopping platform. The company, in recent years, has made numerous attempts to lure social-media users to join its influencer program. The Amazon Influencer Program allows content creators to make personalized pages on Amazon and earn money when users make purchases through customized links.

Amazon’s decision to give TikTok-like shopping experiences to online shoppers comes from the fact that the short-form videos are really effective in helping customers understand the products.

How Amazon Inspire works?

The Inspire portal will appear as a light bulb icon at the bottom of Amazon shopping app. When a customer clicks on the widget, he/she will be directed to a feed that displays a stream of images and videos featuring products. The customer can like or/and purchase the product.

When customers first access the Amazon Inspire portal, they will be asked to select their favourite interests. With this, the portal will curate content based on the interests of shoppers, becoming more tuned in over time.



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