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Amazon Is Swamped With Fabricated ‘Five Star’ Reviews But Confront To Deal With It !!!

Amazon fake five star rating
The UK based consumer organisation "Which?" has curatively declared that online e-commerce behemoth Amazon.com is flooded with fictitious and fabricated five-star customer reviews for listed products from unknown brands. Those top-rated customer reviews on trendy items were overshadowed by unfamiliar brands, Which? investigations ascertained. Which? have analysed the listings of hundreds of famous tech products in 14 online sections including headphones, smart...

Amazon Ups The Ante Against Flipkart, BigBasket And Grofers With Rs 240 Cr Infusion

Amazon Hindi website
The Seattle-based American multinational tech-gargantuan Amazon has pronounced curative strategies to establish its compelling market presence in Indian loam. The company is actively making moves to capture a lion's share of the food-only retail industry in India. In accordance with the regulatory filings sourced from paper.vc, Amazon Retail India Pvt. Ltd has received the sum of INR 240 Crore (approx $35 million) from...

India Ecommerce Market: $65 Billion By 2023, Flipkart to Leapfrog Amazon

Flipkart sales growth
Gauged in terms of revenue and market capitalization, Amazon is the lead player in India's eCommerce marketplace. The global e-commerce major's sales revenue alone is estimated to clocked $8.8 billion in 2018. Being prominent and might Amazon never let its peer competitors succeed in terms of market value in any means. However, market analysts expect that after the acquisition of...

Netflix, Amazon And Hotstar Celebrate As 54% Indians Feel Watching TV Has Become Costlier Now

TRAI new TV channel tariffs india
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has introduced a new tariff model for cable television subscribers that is solely executed as a fair pricing model for both customers and broadcasters. TRAI also marks the deadline as March 31, 2019, for the subscribers to choose the channels they prefer to watch and pay for. As the final date is...

Amazon Is Out With A New Strategy To Strengthen Its Presence In India

Amazon profit and tax 2018
The global e-commerce major, Amazon.com is expected to thrust as many as 100 gazeboes exclusively at the prime malls in India. The gazeboes, aka kiosks, will act as a point of sales for the company as people visiting various malls having such kiosks installed can experience some of Amazon's own products, such as Kindle, and order it online right...

Amazon Acquires Eero To Strengthen Its Smart Home Offerings

eero acquisition by Amazon
For some time now Amazon has been leaving no stone unturned to rule the domestic smart devices market with its fancy smart home endeavour. Now, to strengthen its market presence, the company has added another cosy feather into its glamorous hat by acquiring Eero - a San Francisco based three-year-old mesh Wi-Fi router company known for making the domestic Wi-Fi...

Could You Build Skills For Alexa? Amazon Developer reward Is For You!

Alexa Developers Rewards Program
In today's digital world, developers have awesome opportunities like hackathons and coding contests to bag hefty cash rewards. One such shining opportunity is Alexa Developer Rewards Program introduced by the e-commerce major Amazon.com, Inc.(NASDAQ: AMNZ).Amazon has expanded its Alexa Developer Rewards program to India. It is an open call to all developers who would produce competent interactive skills for Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant in...

Amazon Prime Members In the US: 63.9 Million By The End Of 2019

Amazon Prime members in US
With over $800 billion market cap, Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is one of the biggest companies in the world right now. The vast array of its ventures and their respective successes have made its CEO, Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, and top donor as well. However, an important part of its success has been the Prime initiative....

New E-Commerce Policy Draft: No Relief For Flipkart And Amazon India

India ecommerce market
India has outlined a new draft policy to govern its rapidly increasing ecommerce market. And, no one more than Amazon India and Flipkart would be disappointed with it.The new policy outlined Saturday aims at providing greater protection and support to homegrown etailing firms, perhaps taking a cue from China where Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent have gone on to become global...

India Ecommerce Market: $200 Billion By 2027, Slower Growth Than Expected Earlier

India ecommerce market
The India ecommerce market growth is estimated to miss the market expectations as e-commerce juggernauts which was earlier going full throttle seems to have slowed down ever since the new FDI rules kicked in on February 1, 2019.Morgan Stanley, the US-based banking and financial services expert, has revised its estimates for the Indian e-commerce sector, citing a number of reasons for...

The Curious Case Of Amazon: $800 Bn Valuation, $11.2 Bn Profit And Whopping $0 Tax

Amazon profit and tax 2018
Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is currently valued at $800 billion - the third most valued tech firm, trailing behind only Microsoft and Apple - the two tech behemoths.Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder - Amazon.com, toppled Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft, to become the richest person alive on this planet last year.To top it all, in fiscal 2018, the company reported...

Amazon Under Fire For The New Step Introduced To Verify Sellers

Amazon collecting face data
Amazon.com might be experimenting with a new seller verification programme which requires sellers wishing to register across its site to record a five-second video of their face.The rumours first surfaced when a Vietnam based retailer who wished to remain anonymous shows how we were ‘forced’ by the online retailing giant to share a video of his face while signing...

Walmart May Exit Flipkart Amid New FDI Rules: Morgan Stanley

The new Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) rules which kicked in on February 1, 2019, have come as a huge jolt for the ambitious US-based retailer Walmart.The behemoth had decided to join the huge Indian e-commerce feast barely a year ago by paying an astoundingly huge $16 billion to acquire a 77% stake in the Indian retail juggernaut Flipkart. Walmart May...

Amazon, Flipkart Sales Down By A Third, Lost $50 Bln In Three Days

The new FDI policy which kicked in on Feb 01, 2019 has applied brakes on the Indian e-commerce juggernaut spearheaded by Amazon and Flipkart.Since the new FDI rules came into place three days ago, sales at Amazon and Flipkart have already dipped by nearly 30%. Together, the two have reportedly lost more than $50 billion in market cap. While...

Happy Birthday Donald Katz: The Entrepreneur Who Made Fortunes from Audio Books

Donald R Katz
Next time when you put on your headphones and listen to your favourite book, don't forget to remember Donald Katz.Decorated with many distinguishable awards for his book writing, Donald R Katz is the founder of Audible (NASDAQ: ABBL). This company has attracted the attention of several Silicon Valley honchos including Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos. The effect of listening lights up the emotive...

With New eCommerce Platform Mukesh Ambani Locks Horns With Flipkart And Amazon

India's the largest business group, Reliance Industries (NSE: RELIANCE) is all set to lock horns with Flipkart and Amazon with soon-to-be-launched a new age eStore! Aimed at bolstering the small retailers, this business is against the "data colonisation" by foreign businesses, as stated by Mukesh Ambani.Reliance Industries has aced well in the retail business. The kind which goes on to...

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