Twitter Undo Tweet Button Is Not What Users Have Been Asking For Long!

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Twitter Undo feature is helpful but rather confusing.

Want to reconsider a spur-of-the-moment tweet? Worried the grammar Nazis may get you for good on the last sent note? Put your worries to rest, my friend, you will be able to undo your tweets now!

According to a new unearthed animation from the Twitter lane, the microblogging site is reportedly in the works to introduce the heavily rumoured “Undo send” feature on the platform.

The animation, which was brought to notice by serial app de-coder Jane Wong, can be seen adding a new “Undo” button to the usual dialog box that confirms a tweet has been sent.

Wong took to Twitter itself to reveal a screen recording of the feature, which contained a popup message “Your tweet was sent!” above a blue “Undo” button. The button has a sleek animation to show the time left before the option disappeared.

Coming from Jane, the source is so incredibly credible too. Over the years, she has made a name for herself by quarrying feature discoveries in popular apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, Messenger, and Twitter. Only last year, she was among the early lot to spot Twitter’s Birdwatch initiative to allow users to root out misinformation on its service. She also reported on Twitter’s refurbished verification system prior to its official announcement, among many others to her credit.

The latest exploration from Twitter, now in the public domain, has entered a slew of features to be released or in the works from the vogue social media platform. Just recently, it has sought an entry to the e-commerce realm, having also announced ‘Spaces’ to rival Clubhouse. Last month too, it rolled out the ‘Super Follow’, a creator-centric feature aimed at providing subscriber-only perks to users.

The push from Twitter seems to be a bid to elevate its presence in the social media game. It also has sights set on achieving ambitious aims as revealed on its Analyst Day – of aiming to double its DAU (Daily Active Users) and revenue count by 2023.

Twitter Undo Tweet: Don’t Get Confused

Twitter Undo feature bears resemblance to Gmail’s last-chance option, which prevents emails from being delivered after the user has clicked “Send.” The Twitter’s Undo button here is going to be oblong shaped, also performing the dual function of being a progress bar highlighting the time left before a tweet goes live.

But wait, don’t get it confused with the edit tweet option that users are requesting for long.

While still not the edit tweet option that users have been crying out for, this feature could come in handy for some users. Like those working on the go or during live events and such where you have to be rapid on the ultra-fast-paced nature of communication on the platform. Basically, it’s just an additional layer added between the time a user on Send Button and the time it goes live. A five-second buffer in between allows users to stop a tweet from going live by clicking Undo button.

The Undo send time, which looks to be giving users a window of few seconds on Twitter’s rumoured new addition, is set at a range between five to thirty seconds on Gmail’s similar feature.

While users on Twitter wistfully eye the edit feature, Twitter has to care to bed the Undo feature so that people facing the requirement of posting time-sensitive tweets are not subject to more delay because of it.

There may be plenty more opinion and banter to swirl around the feature following the reveal by Wong, but it looks like there’s no stopping Twitter’s line of incoming features at the moment.

So keep your eyes open for the next stimulating arrival and stay tuned for more updates.


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