TikTok Crowned The Best-Rated Top App On US App Store For 2020! [Report]

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From inching closer to getting banned to its unending acquisition saga, TikTok, the popular short-form video app had a rollercoaster ride this year.

But, now to close 2020 on an optimistic note, a recent report from Sensor Tower that revealed the TikTok received the highest percentage of positive reviews among the top 10 most downloaded iOS apps in the US during 2020.

Prior to this ByteDance’s TikTok achieved another huge milestone. In Q1 2020, it accumulated more than 315 million installs across both the App Store and Google Play, most downloads for any app ever in a quarter.

Sensor Tower App Intelligence reviewed reviews left by users on the US Apple Apple Store this year wherein it found that TikTok, as of December 14, got over 278,000 written reviews, out of which approximately 246,000 came with 4-5 star ratings

The mobile app research firm counted three-stars as neutral and thus using this methodology reached at the conclusion that 88 per cent of reviews TikTok saw on the US App Store in 2020 were positive, making it the best-rated app in iOS in 2020.

Source: Sensor Tower

Now, after TikTok, ‘Among Us’ which is a breakout hit mobile game from InnerSloth captured the second position. The InnerSloth’s breakout hit mobile game happened to garner 67 per cent positive reviews with nearly 57,000 of them having 4-5 star ratings.

Next, Disney+, one of the newest entrants in the streaming wars saw the third biggest percentage of positive reviews with 58 per cent 4-5 star ratings out of over 9,000 total reviews.

Developers Led Improvement In Average Ratings

In 2020, 20 out of the top 100 apps on the US App Store observed their average rating improve on the back of the developers’ efforts who worked diligently to meet the need of new users.

Among all the categories such as social media, games, finance and so on, Sensor Tower’s data reported that the iOS apps in the entertainment category saw the biggest improvement in their average ratings.

Source: Sensor Tower

Within the entertainment category, YouTube’s main app saw the biggest increase in their ratings which jumped 0.09 from 2.66 to 2.75 stars. Next, Tubi observed an improvement in their ratings from a 4.54-star average to reaching 4.55 as of December 14.

Now, out of all the top apps, mobile game Park Maters from KAYAC saw their ratings improve the most as their average rating climbed from a mere 0.3 to 1.67 in January to 1.97.

In the non-game apps’ category, the biggest improvement in rating was seen by Amazon Alexa whose average rating climbed up from 2.14 stars in January 1st to 2.42 stars as of Dec 14th.

Lastly, two notable apps whose ratings also showed quite an increase in ratings this year include – Coin Master by Moon Active which their average rating climbed from 4.13 to 4.33 stars) and TikTok which saw their average rating improve from 4.16 to 4.35 stars.


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