Personalization Is The Secret Sauce Behind A Successful E-Commerce Business

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E-commerce personalization offers an exclusive experience to consumers by showing them product recommendations, content catered to their interests, and offers based on their browsing history, web cookie algorithms, purchases, and other types of personal information.

Personalization enables a relationship between the customer and the merchant as far as what pleases the customer, and what they wish to see when they shop online. This approach to personalization drives sales, increases conversion rates, engages shoppers, and also supplies consistent purchases from consumers.

There are various components to a personalized shopping experience. It ranges from showcasing similar items that the consumer has viewed or purchased in the past to receiving emails on discounted items left in their shopping cart. This article delves into how to maximize e-comm personalization for a successful business.  

Increased Sales

Without-a-doubt, a more personalized experience generates more leads in sales. Customers are more likely to return to a site that satisfies their interests, and what they require at that moment. At least 80% of shoppers are indeed more likely to purchase items from a store that provides a more personalized experience. A good strategy is about giving the people (your consumers) what they want, and it all comes down to a few main concerns on the best strategies to accomplish this. Where should the personalization take place when a customer reaches the site? What information and technological techniques will be used to create this experience? This is all food for thought when developing a business. 

Improved Customer Engagement

When it comes to engagement it’s not just about what a company can offer anymore, it’s also about reputation. What the business is and what core values does that business represent? Customers want to buy from a brand that they resonate with, so brand stature is important as well. Discounts also play a major role in personalization. A Study by Salesforces on a large consumer sample size indicated that users are more willing to provide personal information in exchange for product recommendations and discount coupons. A method like offering 20% off for new customers after they sign-up for email is a great way to personalize customer experience and increase engagement for your brand when a sale rolls around. 

Brand Relatable Content

To increase customer adoration and love for your brand, providing relatable content is a key element. Think about, companies like Disney, their online merchandise appeal to the magical and happy family feelings of nostalgia they experience when they visit the theme park or watch a Disney film. Products that allow customers to feel some type of sentimental value is a formula for success and return shoppers. If your business is online t-shirt sales and you provide a family with customized t-shirts for a birthday party or special occasion, they will automatically feel an attachment to your products based on how they felt wearing the shirt during the celebration. This raises engagement and loyalty ten-fold. 

Driving Customer Loyalty

According to the Harvard Business Review, increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by at least 25% to 90%. With an abundance of businesses and competitors in the e-commerce world, retaining customer loyalty is a challenge. Effective ways to retain or regain consumers would be offering a point system for every purchase made and once they reach a certain number of points they win rewards. Makeup brands like Sephora have high customer retention rates with their loyalty rewards program that gives customers a point for every dollar they spend. Another successful tactic is by providing discounts or semi-annual sales to drive customer loyalty. All of these methods are possible ways to personalize consumer experience and retain leads. 

 Product Recommendations

Recommending products is one of the finest benefits of personalization and a great way to build rapport with engaging customers. Through data allocation with cookies and search bots, engine software can predict which items a consumer will most likely favor and purchase on a return visit to the site. Through a systematic process of searching through history, each visit leads to increased knowledge of what that consumer prefers, inciting future sales. 

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