Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Employ A ‘Human Touch’ To Your Ecommerce Website And You Will Win Human Trust!

We are shopaholics and we don't deny it! And as shoppers, you know what our worst nightmare is? THIS - Walking into a retail store that doesn't have a human soul in sight. No sales representative. No customers even. It's creepy and cold. How then am I supposed to know if others are even buying their product?And now should...

5 Best E-commerce Software Platforms for Small Business

Today E-commerce business is definitely the most thing in the corporate world. There are thousands of start-up E-commerce companies across the world who are taking the cue from the fact that internet connection across the world is growing in leaps and bounds and cost of doing E-commerce business isn’t exuberantly high. "There has been a sweeping change in the way consumers...

Zepo Helps SMBs To Launch Their E-Store In Style: In No Time And No Big Investment Involved ! [Startup]

Every website has only a window of time frame to impress users towards their business, which signifies the importance of GUI which also suggests that websites with very high page loading time do not attract users. Website of a company acts as mirror, which reflects company’s overview to the customer. Especially the companies in e-commerce domain, which generate significant...

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