Most Popular Smartphones In India 2018: People Preferred Notch, Dual Camera And Flipkart

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Now that 2018 has ended, it might be a good time to look at the evolution of India smartphone market last year. New trends were observed, while other trends died away. Some platforms profited from selling them, while others could not. A new report, titled “Smartphone Industry Trends”, by PhoneCurry – recommendations, reviews and comparison site –  provides a detailed overview of all that occurred in 2018 with respect to smartphones. Let us take a deep dive into each trend one by one.

5.6-Inch Screen: The Most Popular Smartphones 2018

2018 was a weird year. Like every year, the kind of smartphones that were popular the previous year went out of trend in 2018. Instead, people started looking for specific features in their phones.

For example, the screen sizes started getting bigger. The smartphones with displays over 5.6-inches constituted about 61% of all smartphones launched last year. This is mainly because of the increase in mobile video consumption throughout the country. Among that, people opted for taller displays with more bezels. The tall display smartphones with a notch turned out to be more popular (59% of all smartphones) than the ones without Notch. 


Other trends involved popular mobile segments. One of the busiest smartphone price segments in India is the budget segment. And hence, about 75% of the smartphones launched in 2018 belonged to Budge segment (under Rs 20,000).

Camera Still Dictating Smartphone Sales

In a world which is all about capturing moments on the go, the cameras are turning out to be a necessity in a smartphone. Hence, ever since the advent of dual cameras, people have been instantly attracted to it. In 2017, the dual cameras constituted only 14.16% of all smartphones. However, the following year saw a major shift in the smartphone market. Interestingly, a whopping 46.3% of all smartphones launched in 2018 had a dual camera.

The Smartphone Brands of 2018

One company which are coming off a blockbuster year in the Indian market are Xiaomi. The company was not only dominating the list of most popular smartphones with their Redmi Note 5 Pro, but also dominating the list of the most popular smartphone brand in India. However, they could only make it to the third position in the user satisfaction ratings. One Plus got one over them on this one. Other notable brands of last year include Huawei, Samsung and Realme.

One brand that has been on the decline in our country has been, pretty unsurprisingly, Apple. The number of people taking interest in the iPhones is slowly declining, a trend that is being observed globally.

Flipkart Was the Most Popular Store for Phone Purchases

In a space which is constantly on the rise in e-commerce, Flipkart seems to have grabbed dominance in one of the major divisions of e-commerce, smartphone sales. The report made by PhoneCurry sheds light on the fact that the Kalyan Krishnamurthy led company captured a whopping 47.6% share in terms of store popularity in 2018. The other two major players in the market were Amazon and Paytm, with 31.3% and 11.2% share, respectively. All the other players constituted a total share of 9.9%.


Though there might be many reasons as to why this happened, one of the major factors in Flipkart winning this battle over its competitors are tie-ups. Flipkart has always been one of the leading ones with regards to smartphone company tie-ups. However, one of the tie-ups that helped it majorly in this aspect is that with Xiaomi. In the year which saw Xiaomi become the largest selling mobile manufacturer in India, Flipkart profited heavily through its tie-up with the Chinese giant. Besides, the record sales of smartphones available at jaw-dropping discounts during the Big Billion Days sale also helped Flipkart to capture the largest chunk of the pie.


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