The above Dazeinfo GraphFarm represents the India smartphone market share by top vendors, from Q1 2016 to the most recent quarter. The list of top five smartphone brands in India includes Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo and Realme in Q4 2018.

The Growth of Top Five Smartphone Vendors in India

The exploded growth in the number of smartphone users in India, the second most populous country in the world, is no surprise. For the last few quarters, the smartphone shipment share of Chinese smartphone manufactures in India has been increasing constantly. The growth has come at the cost of homegrown and Korean smartphone players, mainly Micromax and Samsung. Four out of the top five smartphone vendors in India belongs to China now. However, among all the top Chinese smartphone vendors, the spectacular performance of Xiaomi has been commendable. From just 4% quarterly shipment share in Q1 2016, Xiaomi accounted for 27% of the smartphone shipment share in Q4 2018.

In the last two years, it has been a roller coaster ride for Samsung in India smartphone market. The South Korean smartphone giant, however, has managed to hold its ground, albeit failed to leverage on the smartphone revolution in India. Between Q1 2016 and Q4 2018, Samsung’s market share in India has decreased from 28% to 22%.

Vivo and Oppo, the other two hyperactive Chinese smartphone brands are leaving no stone unturned to capture the lion’s share of the India smartphone market. While Vivo accounted for 9% of India smartphone market in Q4 2018, Oppo is not far behind with 7% smartphone shipment share.

It is important to note that throughout the year, the top five smartphone vendors’ positions didn’t change much, except in Q4 2018 when Realme entered India’s top five smartphone brands surpassing OPPO.

In May 2018, Realme was born as Oppo’s online-only sub-brand in India. However, after 3-4 months, it got separated from its parent company to continue operations as an independent brand. According to Counterpoint Research, Realme has now more than 4 million users, faster than any other brand.

The growth of all the top smartphone vendors in India majorly came at the cost of Micromax, Lenovo and many other players. Last quarter, in Q3 2018 to be precise, Micromax accounted for a significant 9% share in India’s smartphone market. However, in Q4 2018, it failed to make a place in top 5 smartphone vendors in India.

Over 145 million units of smartphones were sold in India in 2018, with 10% YoY growth, according to Counterpoint Research.


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