The above DGraph represents the growing number of smartphone users in India and smartphone penetration in India. The number of smartphone users in India is expected to reach 337 million by the end of 2018. The exploded adoption of smartphones has helped the country to improve its global ranking and became the largest smartphone market, trailing behind China only, by the number of smartphone users.

On the other hand, the population penetration of smartphone in India still quite low as compared to any other developed markets. This puts India ahead of China in terms of market opportunities for smartphone manufacturers, especially the Android OEMs.

The smartphone market in India is primarily dominated by Chinese smartphone manufacturers. At once side, these vendors, likes of Xiaomi and Vivo, are leaving no stone unturned to capture the lion’s share of the India smartphone market, on the other hand, the global leader Samsung is revisiting its strategies to cement its dominant position in India – the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market.


The list of top smartphone vendors in India has been going through major changes with each passing quarter. The declining share of Micromax and Lenovo has ousted the companies from the list in Q1 2018. At the same time, the meteoric rise of Xiaomi in India has surprised many. The smartphone market share of Xiaomi in India has reached to all-time high, equally long time dominant player Samsung, in Q2 2018. Vivo, Oppo and Huawei have emerged as the other leading smartphone players securing a position in the list of top smartphone vendors in India Q2 2018.

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