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Search Engine


Google Bets Big On Mobile Ad Revenue As Desktop Ads Slump

For anyone who spends any amount of time on the Internet, Google, now a part of Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL), has become ubiquitous with the term "search." Hence, it comes as no surprise that, Google makes most of its money from...
google seo best practices

SEO Best Practices: 7 Actionable Steps to Consistently Ranking Well

Whether you look at anecdotal evidence, experimental data or statistical results, the answers are unanimous. Organic search is hands down the largest source of traffic to websites around the world. Conductor carried out an interesting experiment to prove this... domain name sold

When Google Sold for Just $12

How much do you think the mammoth search engine’s domain name could cost you if you plan to buy the one? Quite justified, it will be a figure followed by a good number of zeros. But, to counter your perception...
Google Search patent

Now Google Can Easily Search Your Desktops, Apps and Cloud Storage

Google is attending over 3 billion search queries every day and this makes it dominant in the online search market. After the recent major restructuring, it is quite evident that the search giant is looking beyond online advertising, which accounts...

G Is For Goofy or Google: Is Alphabet A Misnomer For Google’s Holding Company...

What’s in a name?, said William Shakespeare. But now a company name has created a lot of concern among all of us. It began when Google recently underwent a great reorganization in their structure and then emerged as the parent...
Google Alphabet Decoding

Googol (Google) To Alphabet: Think Different Evolution Of Larry Page

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has recently gone through the a major restructuring. As per the new arrangement, Google would be a part of Alphabet, a new holding company that will own Google and other products that are under the umbrella...

The Growing Adoption of Ad Blocks: $22 Billion To Be Lost In 2015 [REPORT]

Advertisements have become an integral part of many online businesses today. Ads act as a fixed source of revenue for almost all the major content driven websites. However, rising security concerns, high volumes of data usage and annoyance caused...

100 Most Expensive Google Keywords: Need An Arm And A Leg !

Google is nothing without a keyword. To search anything or everything; a keyword is indispensable. It had been a question in all our minds that how Google earns profit out of a keyword. Now everyone knows the fact that...

Search Engine Marketing Spend Q2 2015: Yahoo! Bing Winning Advertisers’ Trust

With search engines playing a major role in present times, it has become quite important for the advertiser to understand the market trends and know where to head for a better return on their investment. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the method of...

Why Are The Stakeholders of Google Inc. (GOOGL) So Unhappy?

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) was started as a research project by two graduate students at Stanford back in 1995. It was a pioneer in the internet search with the development of its page rank algorithm. When the company went public...
Mobile-Friendliness of Search Results by Position

83% Of The Top Results On Google Are Tagged As Mobile-Friendly [REPORT] – Dazeinfo

A couple of months ago, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) released yet another algorithm update that was meant to affect SERPs of web pages based on their mobile-friendliness. After the algorithm was officially announced, Moovweb – a cloud-based platform that helps...

Google Local SEO: Do You Really Need to Hire a Consultant ?

Time after time, local businesses go cheap on SEO, which yields a mediocre result or a Google penalty. With regular Google algorithm updates, hiring the wrong SEO consultant can be very damaging to your online reputation. The wrong SEO...
google lawsuit

Google Gets A Googly For Prioritizing Its Own Products In Search Results

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) finds itself in a very uncomfortable position in the EU. There are serious charges being contemplated by the EU against the search major. The root cause for this outrage and long list of “objections” being expressed...

What People Searched On Google Inc. (GOOGL) In 2014 !

It is said that Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has all the answers. So, how much did Google contribute to our quest for information in 2014? Well, the question is already answered by the top charts list 2014 released by Google. Finally,...

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