Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out For In 2019

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The tech industry is always evolving. Both software and hardware seem to take great strides forward each year. Here are the mobile app development trends to watch out for in 2019.

Take a step outside, walk down the street, sit in your local coffee shop even at sporting events and you will mass of people gazing down at their smartphones. Nowadays a smartphone is an extension of us as a human, recent usage stats prove exactly that.

Think about it we use and rely on our smartphones for; checking email, messaging friends on various platforms, not just text message, watching videos, meditating, work, the list goes on. Heck, we even check our smartphone before brushing our teeth in the morning!


If we dive a little deeper into the hard facts; those aged 25 and overuse their smartphones about 265 times a day meaning we look at our phone at least every three minutes or so, assuming we are asleep for 8 hours.

This data really does sink home and prove how reliant we are on a little device in our pocket.

However, it is this usage that helps app developers and software engineers drive innovation, develop new ideas and why we are constantly seeing new app development trends.

Here are some of the most exciting and important app development trends to keep your eye on in 2019 and beyond.

Dapp Development & Blockchain

Okay so to be fair I am starting with the apps rather than apps. The blockchain is generally associated with being the technology behind cryptocurrencies.


Innovations in blockchain technology are propelling us toward new standards for financial and business systems worldwide, which we think is pretty exciting. Blockchain is even helping reshape the healthcare sector.

A decentralised world would introduce new standards for security, accuracy, efficiency, and transparency. Data management will be streamlined, transaction processes will be efficient and simplified. These a just some of the exciting benefits of dApp development and blockchain.

Getting Personal

Consumers are coming to expect a personalised experience when interacting with brands more and more.

There are a number of apps that already offer us up a personal service, two of which you will be pretty familiar with. Netflix and Airbnb tailor content based on your behaviour.

The movies you watch, the holidays you take and even searches you perform on other platforms are all utilised to give you the most personalised and targeted experience as possible. This making your journey as a user a far more pleasurable experience.

Now is the time to make sure you take advantage of app development to deliver the customer experience we are coming to expect.

Android Instant App

As we are able to produce and develop apps at a greater rate the need for sharing and discovery increases.

Android users can view apps and content without actually installing the app onto their device. The result is the ability to modularise an app so that users only load the content and portion of the app that they need when they need it.

One example is how The New York Times allow it’s readers to view only their crossword without having to install the full New York Times app.

For those looking to develop an app, it is important to find the best mobile app agency so that users experience immersive and beautifully designed apps with smooth animations, without installing them on their device.

The rise of the Robots

So industry experts have been harping on about machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)for a few years now. When developing an app, AI can help produce advance analytics, cognitive interfaces to complex systems.

AI is set to offer some true mouth-watering benefits for businesses and consumers alike. We are now beginning to see just how powerful artificial intelligence is with Microsoft Pix, SwiftKey AI and Hound all available to app developers to harness in 2019.

Mobile Payments

In 2017 Google mobile app payments surpassed the $700 million mark. This is an increase of almost $500 million in only four years.

Earlier this year Google even introduced simplified mobile payments with its Pay service, making it even easier with consumers to spend their hard-earned cash. You can pay in apps, in-store and on websites using cards saved to your Google Account.

There is a shift away from the traditional way of paying for goods or services away from using a credit or debit card. This, in turn, has created m-commerce, with consumers using pay based apps on their smartphones, fast and convenient are key to success in 2019.

Wearable Apps

Over the last few years, the selection of wearable devices on the market for consumers has dramatically grown. As a result, the need for creating apps that can utilise this technology is set for substantial growth in 2019.

Wearable technology is now going beyond just counting the number of steps you take or measuring your heart rate. App developers can now help support the growing number of lifestyle diseases. This is all helped with devices becoming more affordable.

As the world becomes more aware of how important health and fitness is there will continue to be a rise in the demand for developers to help create new and innovative health apps.

2019 and Beyond…

In the mobile app development industry, the next big thing is always around the corner. Mobile and software development can help solve big problems and change the lives of everyday people at scale, this is the most exciting thing to bear in mind.


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