Android Phone Users Are Spending More Time in E-Commerce Apps Than Ever Before

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In the era of smartphone and internet, apps have taken the driving seat to keep users engaged and connected with each other. The growing influence of social media among people worldwide made it mandatory to have social media apps pre-installed on devices. The trend, apparently, may change soon as smartphone users are spending more time in e-commerce apps with each passing year.

According to the latest report by App Annie, Android phone users in major economies used two to four e-commerce apps every month in the first half of 2017. An average Android user was found using 30 apps, on an average, in a month.

The increasing time spent in e-commerce apps by Android users in growing economies will result in 3.5 trillion hours of total time spent in e-commerce apps worldwide by 2021. As Android phone users are estimated to spend more time in e-commerce apps, retailers will record more revenue in their books. It’s is estimated that the worldwide m-commerce industry will be worth $6 trillion by 2021.

Interestingly, Android phone users in the US were lagged much behind than those in Asian countries in terms of time spent in shopping apps each month. South Korea topped the chart where an Android user had spent total nearly 10 hours in e-commerce apps in the first H1 2017. Whereas in Indonesia and India, an average Android user spent nearly 9 hours and 8.7 hours in e-commerce apps during the same period, respectively.

Despite the highest smartphone penetration, Android phone users in the US don’t look so obsessive with mobile shopping habits as compared to Asian countries. The App Annie report highlights that an average Android phone user in the US spent total 5 hours in e-commerce apps in the first six months of 2017.

Time Spent In eCommerce Apps By Android Users vs Sales From Mobile

Though Android users are spending more time in e-commerce apps in most of the major economies, the big question looms large: Is the increasing time spent in eCommerce apps by Android users converting into the increased revenue?

Overall, the mobile conversion is increasing with each passing year. By 2021, the m-commerce share of global online retail is estimated to swell to over 50%.  However, it’s iOS that is driving the growth of m-commerce despite increased time spent in e-commerce apps by Android users.

Generally, iOS users spend 18% more than Android users. One of the main reasons behind it is the early adoption of latest technologies by Apple users. The explosive adoption of Apple Pay portrays the iOS users’ preferences while shopping. According to Juniper Research, Apple Pay will rule the mobile wallet industry for the next few years. The report also estimated that the number of active Apple Pay users will be doubled in 2017.  Apple Pay is estimated to lead with a distinctive margin from Samsung pay and Android Pay in 2017.

The demographic difference between iOS and Android users is another crucial element behind the contribution to m-commerce revenue. The household income of iOS users in $75,000+ category far higher than those having an Android phone.

The trend, however, is changing fast. Android is closing the gap with iOS in terms of mobile sales revenue and the number of transactions from the mobile phone on e-stores worldwide. In the last few years, Android’s share of holiday seasons sales in the US has been growing at the cost of Apple. In Asian countries, other than China, the deep penetration of Android provides an edge over iOS when it comes to m-commerce.

All said and done, the growth ratio between time spent in e-commerce apps and money spent on e-commerce apps by Android users in significant. But it’s a positive sign for sellers, especially in emerging countries like India where the penetration of Android is quite high in comparison to iPhone.


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