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Mobile Apps and eCommerce: A Match Made in Heaven

Mobile Apps and eCommerce
It’s said that matches are made in heaven, well I’ll pass on that. However, there is a match which is surely made in heaven; it’s of Mobile Apps and eCommerce. We have seen many things leading to considerable changes in the way we live our lives. If I were to make a list of it, the Mobile Apps and...

Android Phone Users Are Spending More Time in E-Commerce Apps Than Ever Before

time spent in ecommerce apps by Android users
In the era of smartphone and internet, apps have taken the driving seat to keep users engaged and connected with each other. The growing influence of social media among people worldwide made it mandatory to have social media apps pre-installed on devices. The trend, apparently, may change soon as smartphone users are spending more time in e-commerce apps with...

Mobile Fraud Is On The Rise As Merchants Show More Confidence In Mobile Payments [REPORT]

The big revolution in e-commerce over the past few years has been the advent and rapid rise of mobile payment solutions. Coming about as a direct consequence of the incredible popularity of the smartphone and their now near ubiquitous status, mobile payments provided unprecedented amounts of convenience to the user. It offered a secure and fast way to conduct...

48% of Merchants Recorded 11% or More Growth in Their Mobile Sales Volume in 2016 [REPORT]

The exploded adoption of the mobile Internet, smartphones and mobile payment is resulting in an unprecedented rise in the sales volume from mobile devices. It is clearly evident with the latest trend report that highlights how mobile devices have become crucial for the success of any business nowadays.Nearly 48% of merchants have recorded at least 11% or more growth in the...

Why Mobile Users Matter to Online Businesses, And What to Do About Them

Concept for mobile apps
The surge of enthusiasm and massive consumer spending that accompany the launch of every new Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone is a testament to the power of today's mobile sector. It's no wonder then that many businesses view smartphone users as a potential source of revenue. The growth of app stores, social media, and more have all fueled...

83% Shoppers In India Use their Smartphone for Shopping Online [REPORT]

mobile shopping in India
eCommerce market in India has been very unpredictable for some time now. Flipkart, which had crossed the 100 million users mark in September this year, saw another dip in its valuation by 38%. As the e-Retail business in India is expected to touch the $48 billion revenue mark by 2020, recent research shows 83% consumers in India prefer online shopping...

Retail mCommerce Industry In India to Account 80% Share of Retail eCommerce in India by 2020 [REPORT]

retail ecommerce india 2016 - 2020
The eCommerce industry in India has a huge potential for growth, but the market is showing signs of a slowdown. Earlier this year, eMarketer predicted that retail eCommerce sales in India would grow by more than 75.8% to reach $23.39 billion in 2016. eMarketer, however, has revised its previous estimate; now the total retail eCommerce sales are expected to increase 55.5% to reach...

Mobile Shoppers in APAC Region Prefer Apps to Make A Purchase [REPORT]

mobile shoppers in APAC
Staying connected has become an integral part of life, most of which is catalysed by our smartphones. We need and have an app for every task- shopping, banking, learning, payments, medical facilities and the list goes on. It is not something that is critical for survival but around 56 percent consumers around the world cannot imagine life without mobile...

The Growth of Mcommerce In The US: $123 Bln Market in 2016 [REPORT]

mcommerce sales in the US 2016 - 2020
While the smartphone industry may have hit a major road block in 2016, the impressive growth and penetration that it has managed to achieve in mature markets like the US, have now started to influence other industrial sectors as well. Today we take a look at the M-commerce industry in the US that in recent times has been fuelled...

Mcommerce Growth in APAC Region Is Influenced By Mobility And Convenience [REPORT]

mcommerce growth in apac
E-Commerce has gradually placed itself as one of the major players in the B2C model of consumer products, commanding nearly 7.3% of the entire world's retail sales in 2015 itself. Just how big is that number? Estimates point to the net worth of e-commerce on a global scale to be around $1.672 trillion for the year 2015 itself, with...

Why Is Facebook Canvas Focused On Refined Mobile Shopping Experience ?

facebook canvas shopping
Day in and day out, the mammoth social media platform Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) evolve to fulfill Mark’s dream of the connected world. One such attempt is introducing Canvas a product allowing the users to click on the Facebook ad, browse through the products and buy it on Facebook only. Facebook is constantly making attempts to enhance the advertising experience, which...

Mobile eCommerce In Q2 2015: The Impact Tablet And Smartphone

conversion rate by devices
We are living in the digital age where every thread of our existence is intrinsically linked to the internet, be it through our daily companion the smartphone or the trusty PC. While shopping giants like Amazon and eBay have had a global presence for quite a while, with newer offers promising ever faster delivery and a wider range of...

Global Mobile Shopping Industry to Grow by 32% In 2016 [REPORT]

content consumption pattern in US
The billowing of eCommerce having changed shopping habits is no secret. With eCommerce stated to cross $2.489 trillion by 2018 (excluding travel and event ticketing) and the travel and tourism industry alone having reached $7.58 trillion of total contribution to global GDP in 2014, what we see seems just the tip of the iceberg. Add to this the expected 2 billion...

Flipkart & PayTM Favourite Apps, But 51% of Online Shoppers Thumbs Down App-Only Model [REPORT]

Although, Smartphone users in India is growing year by year along with better mobile internet reach, the mobile app-only shopping hasn’t already picked up yet as expected. To understand the concerns of online shoppers regarding mobile app only shopping, CouponRani conducted a survey in May for all the shoppers who visited the coupons portal.With 167 million smartphone users in India, eCommerce...

Mobile Phone Internet Growth In APAC: 38% Penetration By 2018

The mobile internet is still a developing industry in Asia Pacific region. The second largest country by population and number of mobile subscribers is still far from developed mobile infrastructure. Chew this – out of the 1.24 billion people in India, only 170 million people are likely to access internet on their mobile phones in 2014. The mobile internet exposure ranks...

Future of Shopping: Why Retailers Must Bother About Mcommerce Than Ecommerce !

Customers are now increasingly using their smartphones while shopping physically in a retail store. In a survey commissioned by Google almost 84% of smartphones users use their phones for at least 15 minutes to help them select which product to buy.Consumers are increasing making well-informed decisions of what product to buy beforehand by reading reviews, price comparisons and offers....

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