Why Mobile Users Matter to Online Businesses, And What to Do About Them

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The surge of enthusiasm and massive consumer spending that accompany the launch of every new Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone is a testament to the power of today’s mobile sector. It’s no wonder then that many businesses view smartphone users as a potential source of revenue. The growth of app stores, social media, and more have all fueled the development of the mobile market. These users are incredibly important not just to the big players, but even to small and local businesses as well. Why is that, and how can your business tap into this potential? There are a few key reasons to focus on mobile. First consider the “why” — then we’ll discuss the “how.” 

The impact of mobile phones on e-commerce

The Internet revolutionised the way we think about shopping. With deliveries available at the push of a button, the retail industry underwent a major shift. Smartphones represent the same kind of fundamental change. Now, the convenience of online shopping and mobile phones intersects frequently. For example, in India, more than a third of people use a phone to shop online at least once each week. That’s a staggering number of people shopping every day. The same holds true elsewhere in the world, too. For business owners selling their products or services online, the mobile market is very important. It’s essential to learn how to take full advantage of its benefits. 

Should you create an app?

With the advent of marketplaces for smartphone “apps,” many businesses recognised an opportunity. Developing an app is a direct path to having a presence on a user’s phone. Any time they wish to access the services or shops you offer, they only need to launch the app. It’s convenient for users and potentially lucrative for businesses. Should you develop one, though? There are many good reasons for a company to make an app.

Evaluate your strategic goals online. Ask whether an app would help you achieve those goals. They are not the ideal solution for every business. However, if you can improve customer experiences with an app, it is a sound investment. It is an excellent way to take your online services to the next level. 

Transform your website into something mobile-friendly

Have you ever visited a website on your phone, only to find it doesn’t work very well? Even with more smartphones in use, many websites still don’t have a special “mobile” version. Without one, phones must use the full-size website, causing any number of problems. It could display the wrong way, or completely break the site’s functionality. To enable your business to better cater to mobile users, implement a mobile-friendly design.

Crafting a “mobile-friendly” website is something many web developers understand now. Think of it as a simple, stripped-down version of your main page. Its purpose is to inform users, but also to convert them into sales. If you don’t have products online yet, why not? Start your own online marketplace to sell your goods directly to clients. 

Local business? Target your area in search

Does your business also serve a local community? Mobile users are even more important to your company. Everyone uses their phone to conduct quick searches, whether for food or shopping. Optimising your search engine indexing to target these local users is important. When someone nearby queries for an item related to your business, shouldn’t they see your website in the results? That is a surefire way to bring in more business. Nearly 75% of local searchers will buy products online after looking for your business. Meanwhile, the exposure in local search results in building your brand. Ultimately targeting your local area allows you to reach more individuals and generate a larger return on your web investment.

A key aspect of building a successful business involves responding to shifts in the marketplace. With (online commerce growing rapidly), it now accounts for more than 10% of all retail spending in the US every year. As more mobile users do their shopping on the go, businesses like yours must act to continue capturing their business.

Whether that means building an app or devising a mobile-focused sales strategy, don’t miss out on these customers. The sooner you embrace the power smartphones hold for your company, the more likely you are to see positive results. With more sales and customer engagement on the line, now is the time to investigate your options.


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