Mobile Apps and eCommerce: A Match Made in Heaven

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It’s said that matches are made in heaven, well I’ll pass on that. However, there is a match which is surely made in heaven; it’s of Mobile Apps and eCommerce. We have seen many things leading to considerable changes in the way we live our lives. If I were to make a list of it, the Mobile Apps and eCommerce would be on top.

Mobile Apps have played a pivotal role in the success of eCommerce portals. eCommerce is such an entity which can’t work without mobile apps. In this blog, we will discuss the perfect match of Mobile Apps & eCommerce in detail.

Mobile Apps & eCommerce: A Symbiotic Relationship

It’s a give and take relationship between Mobile Apps & eCommerce in a nutshell. Mobile Apps helps eCommerce to grow and function in a way which they couldn’t do otherwise. Similarly, all eCommerce portals need an app, so it provides vast eCommerce app development opportunities.

According to the study by Statistica, by 2020 the mobile apps will generate $188.9 billion of revenue. E-Commerce will have an enormous impact on the mobile app industry. In fact, the success of both eCommerce and Apps will go hand-in-hand.

Why Users Prefer Mobile Apps?

Before conducting an in-depth analysis let us look at some stats. A recent report shows that users browse products on Mobile Apps 286% times more than that of mobile websites. Perhaps, this number will go further up in coming years. Now the question is why it does happen? There are several reasons for it and below are some of it.

  • Apps Are Dedicated

Apps have features which make all the processes easy, fast and automatic. Apps are genuinely dedicated to provides a seamless experience to the user. Apps are easy-to-access as compared to mobile websites and desktop.

  • The purchase is easier and faster in Mobile Apps

With the help of apps, you can save your debit or credit cards and can use during transactions. It keeps you from the exercise of filling your card detail every time you are looking to order and hence saves time.

  • Improved Flexibility with App’s In-Built Features

Inbuilt features in App like GPS, Camera, and Microphone makes shopping more accessible and exciting. GPS automatically provides your current location saving you from entering your address manually. With Microphone, you can search your favourite products by voice search. The camera allows you to share pictures of your products to the app and hence provide essential feedbacks for other users.

  • Improved Usability with Higher Level of Personalization

Mobile Apps offer an optimum level of usability as it loads way faster than the websites. Some of the Apps are developed to function in offline mode too. It also provides a high level of personalization. It will show you relevant products based on your purchase history. You can even mark a few items as favourites which you intend to buy later.

Benefits of Mobile Apps in eCommerce

Mobile Apps have transformed the eCommerce sector comprehensively. They are several benefits that Mobile Apps provide for eCommerce, a few of them are mentioned below.

  • Enhancement in Visibility & Reach Among Target Audience

According to an industrial study, 60% of the business strategists have developed apps for their respective businesses. This state exhibits the growing use of apps in the current scenario. Another benefit it caters is that of user engagement which increases reach among the target audience.

  • Customer Loyalty

A Mobile App helps in retaining existing customers in numerous ways. It helps in building the relationship between the user and the brand. You can provide lucrative offers & promos to make your customers feel special and to build trust among them.

  • Improves User Experience

The way your Store is portrayed in the App can make all the difference. All Users prefer easy navigation to products or services they are looking for. Keeping your app simple & easy to use will increase the user experience and hence will result in more conversions.

  • Push Notifications

Push notification is a handy tool to keep reminding your users about your presence by letting them know about the latest offers. You can also update them about the new arrivals of their favourite items based on their search habits. Ensure that your Push Notification is of any use to the customer and is not just an annoying advertisement.

  • Accelerates the Process

Mobile Apps increases the speed and reliability of all the processes. It allows one-clicking purchasing of products. The payment system is very well sorted in apps. With multiple options to choose from and the feature where you can save your card details; the payment becomes easy, secure and fast.

Final Thoughts

It is no doubt that eCommerce will flourish in the coming years and Mobile Apps would be the most significant contributors. It is also true that eCommerce will be the sector to provide maximum opportunities for developing mobile apps. The next years will see the increase in the interdependencies of eCommerce and Mobile Apps. So, if you are planning to enter the eCommerce sector then estimate the cost of app development and start finding a reliable development team which can build an app for you.


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