Apple Watch 2: What To Expect Specs, Price And Launch Date

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The Apple Watch Series 2 is now close to being ready as per latest reports. The company had announced its first smartwatch in September 2014 and started shipping it in April 2015. Many people hence did not think about its updated version during iPhone 6S event.

Since we’ve only been clear about the first Apple Watch, it’s hard to point out the future naming convention for the same updated device. It might use numerical monikers as it uses for its iOS products, but that is not true for the OS X products including the MacBook Pro.

For now, we can refer it to the Apple Watch 2.

China’s United Daily News expects the launch of the next Apple Watch around June 2016 referring to a quote from Barry Lam, the chairman of Quanta, which is an Apple supplier. The report suggested that the second-generation of Apple Watch will be launched in limited quantity late next year, somewhere during the second quarter. So according to Lam, one can expect the next Apple Watch next summer.

In 2015, Apple held a March event for revealing the features of the first Apple Watch and along with the 12-inch MacBook. It is not clear if the next watch will show up at WWDC in June, if it is not announced in March next year.

Apple Watch 2 – Pricing and Models

The first Apple Watch is priced at $350 and arrives in different models, sizes, and materials too. The models are expected to be termed as Watch, Watch Sport, and the new Watch Edition offering two case sizes of 38mm and 42mm. One can choose the case size, setup, and the built material, along with the band material.

  • Pricing varies for each of the 20 Watch options that are priced from $550, 10 Watch Sport options which start from $350, and eight Watch Edition models that are priced at an astounding price of $10,000 to $17,000.
  • Apple is expected to stick to the original price for the devices.
  • More expensive models could follow with additional price points between $1,000 stainless steel Apple Watch and $10,000 18-karat Gold Edition of the Apple Watch.
  • New materials are expected to add to the Apple Watch line-up and the costs will be dependent on the price of the material being used.

Apple Watch 2 – Design and Materials

The next Apple Watch is expected to sport the same design and form factor as of the first one with a rectangular screen size, same screen resolution, and body although the battery is expected to be bigger. see facetime from apple watch tutorial.

New materials including titanium, tungsten, palladium, and platinum are expected to feature in the future versions of Apple Watch 2.

Apple Watch 2 – Features and Attributes

Apple Watch 2 is expected to sport a front-facing video camera that will allow for FaceTime calls. The device includes improved wireless capabilities, along with a dynamic wireless chip without the need for a Bluetooth connection to your iPhone to receive video calls directly from the wrist.

The watch also includes Wi-Fi for app updates and systematic messaging, and the new chip can handle better data transfer and router triangulation for enhanced location accuracy. It will sport a bigger battery, without much difference in juice.

Expectations with its Launch

Apple says it is very happy about the prospects for the smartwatch in the holiday season, and the company is geared to launch the second generation of its wearables in less than five months.

  • No sales figures for its Watch have been revealed and there have been no appraisals of sales to date.
  • The company is also optimistic about its success with the Watch as it reportedly had a strong showing in June and September, leading to a huge holiday season.
  • Quanta, the maker of the Apple Watch, is expected orders for 2016 and it has received orders for the second-generation Apple Watch for launch in the second quarter of 2016.
  • With a yearly update cycle for big Apple products, it is unclear if the watch will follow a similar path with the smartwatch, since not many people shell money for a new watch every year and since the most expensive versions cost over $10,000.

The rumors and latest speculations of Apple Watch 2 are expected to put the original Apple Watch in the background but rumors suggest there might be FaceTime camera included, and new designs will attract those looking to pay more. Apple Watch 2 will mostly improve the battery life for two days based on how it is used. Apple is partnering with LG and Samsung, according to a report, for producing thinner OLED displays. Analysts presume that one cannot expect much in the battery life bump and nothing close to the 10 days that the Pebble smartwatch boasts of unless there is some top secret battery boosting mechanism in place.

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