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Apple Watch Shipments, Worldwide, by Year

Apple Watch Shipments, Worldwide, by Year
 The above graph represents Apple Watch shipments, worldwide, by year. Apple shipped 29.1 million units of Apple Watches in 2018, recording 25.6% YoY growth. The shipment growth in 2018 was primarily driven by the strong demand of Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch series 4.After receiving a lukewarm response from the market in 2016, Apple bounced back with the new Apple...

Global Smartwatch Market 2018: Apple Facing Heat From Fitbit And Samsung

Global Smartwatch market 2018
Despite all the obstacles that Apple is facing with regards to its sale of iPhones, the one market where its dominance is undisputed is the global smartwatch market. The Apple Watch has been a hit, driving the global smartwatch market in 2018 while its competitors continue playing catch up. However, the scenario is changing with each passing year. Apple's...

Apple Wins Patent For A Future Apple Watch Band that Allows FaceTime Calling

Apple Watch FaceTime Call
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) had been rumoured to be looking to introduce a FaceTime feature into their Apple Watches for some time. However, today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office just granted a patent to Apple regarding a special band for the Apple Watch with either one or two in-built cameras. These in-built cameras would help the Watches gain the...

Apple Watch Shipments Worldwide

Worldwide Apple Smartwatch Shipments (1)
 The above DGraph represents the growth in Apple Watch shipments, worldwide, from Q1 2017 to the most recent quarter.In Q2 2018, Apple shipped 3.5 million units of smartwatches, globally, according to Canalys. Interestingly, more than 250,000 units of Apple Watches were shipped in Asia region (excluding China) during the quarter. Its cellular connected Apple Watch series 3 has emerged...

The Evolution Of Wearables: Sales of Smartwatch to Cross 80 Million Units By 2021 [REPORT]

sales of smartwatch 2017 - 2021
The smartphone industry is put under a lot of scrutiny and analysis year after year, and rightly so. It is one of the biggest industries in the world and one of the cornerstones of the technology industry at large. However, there are certainly other markets that have emerged as a direct consequence of the smartphone industry. These markets that...

Apple Watch Most Accurate Among All Fitness Trackers With 91% Accuracy

Apple Watch
Apple products are mostly criticised for being over-priced in comparison to other devices with more or less similar features. Most of the time, critics choose to overlook the supreme quality of Apple products. A recent study by Cleveland Clinic, published in JAMA Cardiology, supports the same with its claim of Apple Watch being the most accurate wrist wearable for...

Apple Watch 2: What To Expect Specs, Price And Launch Date

Apple watch series 2
The Apple Watch Series 2 is now close to being ready as per latest reports. The company had announced its first smartwatch in September 2014 and started shipping it in April 2015. Many people hence did not think about its updated version during iPhone 6S event.Since we've only been clear about the first Apple Watch, it's hard to point out...

Apple Fans Have Set High Expectations From Apple Watch [REPORT]

Apple Watch fans expectations
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is known to make enough of buzz before launching its devices to create the much-needed hype in the market about the product. For years, tech enthusiasts and Apple fans have been talking about the most awaited Apple Smartwatch. Since the launch of crowdfunded Pebble Smartwatch, the rumors about Apple Smartwatch has been flowing through many different...

Grab An Apple Watch For Free This May: International Giveaway [Winner Announced]

Winner Announced: A big congratulation to our Apple Watch winner Roger Dias (RogD) from Akron, OH, USA.After a grand success of our OnePlus One giveaway last month, we are back with a new giveaway, and this time it is the device most of us cherish and like to wear. Recently launched Apple Watch is up for grab, and if you...

Apple Watch Success: An Uphill Battle For Tim Cook ?

apple watch launch
Apple Watch is finally up for grabs and the company is making all possible efforts to convince us that we need it. In 2011, Steve Jobs, the visionary former CEO - Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL), famously quoted “people don’t know what they want, unless you show it to them”. However, with Apple Watch it’s a different scenario, a rather challenging...

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Will Dominate SmartWatch Market In 2015, But Do Customers Really Want One?

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) stunned the world once again on September 9 by launching its newest product, the Apple Watch. This is the Cupertino-based giant's newest addition to its product line-up since 2009, when the first Apple iPad was announced. As expected, the Apple Watch boasted some interesting features such as the digital crown and various health and fitness monitoring capabilities....

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