Apple Watch Users Worldwide: 100 Million And Counting!

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Apple is at it again, and this time it’s the number of Apple Watch users worldwide.

After surpassing the 1 billion mark for the active installed base of iPhone users worldwide, the Cupertino giant has now registered another significant milestone for its coveted gem – the Apple Watch.

In a report shared by Above Avalon, the number of Apple Watch users worldwide, who actively use their device, has crossed over 100 million!


For the Apple Watch, which hit the stores in the April of 2015 for the first time, the growth is quite impressive, seeing how it has taken a niche product to reach the coveted 100 million mark in a space of around 6 years only.

According to the analysis presented in the report, the vogue Apple Watch got to the fancied 100 million figure in the month of December last year. This was following the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Fitness+ in the global market.

The juggernaut that the Apple Watch has proven to be, it has already helped usher in a new paradigm shift in computing, and it only seems to scale new heights of innovation. New services designed specifically for Apple Watch (such as Fitness+) are constantly in the mix of being released. Apple works tirelessly on the wrist’s utility, continuing to dazzle with new hardware and software features revolving around myriad aspects.

From the report, it also seems that the flame around the product has gathered more momentum in the past year alone as compared to previous years of its launch. This is evident from the figure that saw Apple Watch added 30 million users in its kitty in 2020, which exceeds the number of Apple Watch users in 2015, 2016, and 2017 combined.

Another interesting facet to the growth of Apple Watch users is how the adoption has come as a percentage of the iPhone users who are in possession of Apple Watch. Apple sets all its products to be in sync with each other. As a result, approximately 10% of iPhone users were wearing an Apple Watch at the end of 2020. The figures are expectedly higher in the backyard, where approximately 35% of iPhone users in the US have been found owning an Apple Watch.


Even though the number of Apple Watch users has surpassed 100 million, it is Apple’s fourth most popular product installed base behind the biggies like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. However, it is optimistically projected that should the current sales trajectory maintain itself, the Apple Watch installed base will leap over Mac’s installed base as early as in 2022.

On the back of accumulating such stats, credit is definitely due for Apple, which has always intended to “make technology more personal”, and has plugged away to instill that value in its products.

It is plain to see how Apple Watch’s cult status among consumers has been achieved by integrating a cool factor and being a wearable. It has distinguished itself from the market options by the watch’s unique features like monitoring activity and vital signs. Having an Apple ecosystem allowing users to integrate Apple Watch with the companies’ other products and services doesn’t hurt either.

Not just that, Apple has set its sights on introducing some more cutting edge features such as performing the role of an identity checker, supporting face wearables, and being a seamless Digital Health beacon.

The health factor is one with which it has made all the right noises, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is sure to drive adoption numbers to new highs.

It was in the recent past, where a case in India brought to the world’s attention how the electrocardiogram feature on the Apple Watch saved the life of a 61-year-old Indore resident. The patient had an Apple Watch Series 5, which was gifted by his son Siddharth. The device was able to detect how his father was getting arrhythmia signals in the middle of the night, thereby promoting caution and consequently warning him in advance by this critical indicator.

Clearly, a futuristic device, the Apple Watch is able to strike a supple balance between tech and a user’s inherent needs, now bringing increased medical awareness to the game too. A life-changing product from Apple’s shed here’s wishing it reaches the 200 million mark even quicker!

Stay tuned for more updates until then.


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