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Apple Watch Shipments, Worldwide, by Year

Apple Watch Shipments, Worldwide, by Year
 The above graph represents Apple Watch shipments, worldwide, by year. Apple shipped 29.1 million units of Apple Watches in 2018, recording 25.6% YoY growth. The shipment growth in 2018 was primarily driven by the strong demand of Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch series 4.After receiving a lukewarm response from the market in 2016, Apple bounced back with the new Apple...

Global Smartwatch Market 2018: Apple Facing Heat From Fitbit And Samsung

Global Smartwatch market 2018
Despite all the obstacles that Apple is facing with regards to its sale of iPhones, the one market where its dominance is undisputed is the global smartwatch market. The Apple Watch has been a hit, driving the global smartwatch market in 2018 while its competitors continue playing catch up. However, the scenario is changing with each passing year. Apple's...

Apple Watch Shipments Worldwide

Worldwide Apple Smartwatch Shipments (1)
 The above DGraph represents the growth in Apple Watch shipments, worldwide, from Q1 2017 to the most recent quarter.In Q2 2018, Apple shipped 3.5 million units of smartwatches, globally, according to Canalys. Interestingly, more than 250,000 units of Apple Watches were shipped in Asia region (excluding China) during the quarter. Its cellular connected Apple Watch series 3 has emerged...

Google To Get Rid of ‘Android’ In Wearables

Wear OS by Google
: It's official now! Today, Google has finally announced a new name for its wearables operating system (previously called Android Wear) to reflect their technology and vision in a much better way and most importantly, to people who use Google watches and that is Wear OS by Google.If you are desperately into wearables or love donning smartwatches, this should concern you most likely....

Tizen Overtakes Android Wear: How Samsung Beat Google In The Smartwatch Wars

The Tizen OS from Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (KRX:005930) was launched to much fanfare back in early 2012. At the time, the market welcomed Samsung's new venture into mobile OS and hoped that it would, in time, become a viable third alternative to Android and iOS. Unfortunately, in the five years since, Tizen has not really managed to take off...

Apple Sets A New Record in Quarterly Smartwatch Shipments Q4 2016

smartwatch shipments share 2016
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has achieved another milestone. The iPhone maker accounted 67% of smartwatch shipments in Q4 2016 and grossed 80% of the total smartwatch revenue, according to the latest data released by research firm Canalys. With 12% year over year growth, the smartwatch shipments in Q4 2016 exceeded 9 million units. The growth was largely driven by Apple watch...

Apple Made 1 Out of Every 2 Smartwatches Shipped in 2016 [REPORT]

global smartwatch shipments 2016
The growth in global smartwatch shipments in 2016 was largely driven by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) as Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (KRX:5930) and other vendors failed to give any competition to Apple Watch. Strategy Analytics estimated in its latest report that Apple grabbed 55% of total global smartwatch shipments in 2016, outclassing Samsung with distinctive margin. Overall 21.1 million units of smartwatch were...

Apple Accounted 46% of Global Smartwatch Shipments in Q3 2016 [REPORT]

global smartwatch shipments q3 2016
In a latest research by Canalys, global smartwatch shipments in Q3 2016 exceeded 6.1 million, with a 60% YoY growth. The growth was driven by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) as the company alone shipped almost 2.8 million watches in the quarter.According to Daniel Matte, a Canalys analyst, Q4 performance will determine the further implications of smartwatch models. With Apple increasing...

Apple Watch 2: Can It Justify the Price Without Having Cellular Connectivity?

The upcoming Apple Watch 2 may not be the ultimate show stopper that we were earlier expecting. And if you are wondering what could possibly go wrong with Apple Watch 2, here is some food for your thought; Bloomberg technologies reports that Apple might omit its cellular connectivity feature in its upcoming Watch as the component is draining the battery...

Shipments of Smartwatches: 65% Will Have Cellular Connectivity by 2020 [REPORT]

smartwatch shipments 2016 -2020
A sign of relief for people who have invested in Smartwatch; Smartwatches would no longer be treated as an extension of a smartphone in the future. A recent report from Canalys estimates the shipments of smartwatches with cellular connectivity will reach 7.5 million units worldwide by the end of 2016. Interestingly, the global shipments of smartwatches are estimated to increase to 53.6...

Apple Smartwatch Users Are More Satisfied Than Samsung Users [STUDY]

The future belongs to the wearables but it would be worth noting that how the smartwatches and fitness bands have fared with the customers so far. A survey by J.D Power 2016 reveals the satisfaction quotient of the customers regarding the smartwatches and fitness bands.The notable point here is that Apple’s smartwatch received much of the positive responses regarding...

Wearable Devices Market Q1 2016: It’s Smartwatches vs Fitness Bands [REPORT]

wearable penetration us auatralia 2016
2015, often touted as being the year of wearables devices, has come and gone, yet smartwatches have failed to become mainstream. And while that statement mostly holds true, it seems that for the longest time, our focus may have been tied to the wrong end of the wearable spectrum. A recent report on Wearable Devices Market Q1 2016 by...

Xiaomi To Launch Mi Smartwatch: Ready To Conquer $11.5 Bln Market

The much awaited Xiaomi Smartwatch is debuting soon in the 2nd half of this year. The watch will be manufactured by the makers of path-breaking Mi Band, Huami under the name of Xiaomi in Q2 2016. Whereas, the event scheduled on May 10 will feature the brand new Xiaomi Mi Band 2, Mi Max smartphone and MIUI 8.The haze...

Wearable Devices Market Worth $28.7 Billion In 2016: Smartwatch To Drive the Growth

wearable devices market 2016
In this century, when hustle bustle of a busy life is making everyone switch to using products on the go, one technology wonder, is coyly making its way into the lives of people. While a man is busy moving from one place to another, his demands have changed to adopt wearable gadgets.According to the latest report by Gartner, wearable technologies...

With 52% Share Apple Leads Global Smartwatch Shipments; But Is The Industry Listening To Users?

apple watch smartwatch
The worldwide smartwatch industry has roughly shipped 24.92 million units in 2015—which is a humongous 95% increase since 2013, considering the fact that the industry shipped just 1.23 million units in 2013. The projected market value for wearable devices stands at $12.6 billion by 2018 according to Statista estimate.With Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) entering the wearable market in April ’15, analysts and critics together...

Apple Watch Sales Figures: 100 Mn By 2017, 7 Mn In The First Two Quarters

apple watch sales
After the phenomenal debut of mix market response received by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Watch, the market is once again enthralled with speculations and curiosity over the next version of the successor of Apple Watch. If you are an avid reader of Dazeinfo, by now you might have bumped into an article on the rumoured Apple Watch 2, design, features...

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