How Fortune 500 Leaders Spend Their Time Daily For Optimum Productivity ?

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It’s true, money can probably buy anything but time. But, then, how could successful leaders & entrepreneurs are able to get maximum jobs done in the stipulated time frame while many barely manage to meet their target or fail to meet. It’s, definitely no rocket science, and the magic lies in time management, something that top leaders, successful people, and entrepreneurs know the best.

In a bid to understand the Time Management effectively, Entrepreneur & Founder of Adogy, John Rampton tried to peep into the daily life of Fortune 500 leaders. Defiantly, it is not as easy as it sounds, therefore, John collaborated with Chris Stowell, Vice President of the International Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness in Sandy, Utah. They approached 267 C-level executives at the Fortune 500 companies.

After a two months of hard work, repeated follow-up and round of conference calls, John managed to get the survey response from 163 companies including Google, HP, Twitter, Adobe, GE, Motorola and AT&T.


Based on the data collected via the survey, John has outlined all the major time management activities of these top leaders:

  • Unlike many night owls like me, most of the leaders get up quite early in the morning. At about 6:15 AM.
  • They spend nearly 50 minutes everyday in commute to their office. They reach the office before 9.30 AM
  • 50% of leaders spend greatest amount of their time working with people and team than their own personal tasks & projects.
  • Email and Texting take the second greatest share of their time. Every workday, leaders spend 2 hours 25 minutes on it.
  • Every leader stays at least 6 years with their employers.
  • On an average, leaders take 6 and half hour of sound sleep everyday.

It’s all about finding 48 hours in 24 hours; The below infographic that creatively represents the findings of the above survey, highlights how these leaders are able to achieve this, every day.

daily-routine of fortune 500 leaders


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