Blackberry Q10 Designed With Unique Theme Of Traditional Keyboard

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Blackberry phones have dominated the mobile industry since its inception; these phones are excellent handling capacities with impressive designs. The Blackberry Bold is one of the popular phones sold out. Blackberry phones are being upgraded with the design appearing superior and eye-catchy at one shot.

The introduction of new designs on Blackberry phones has stalled the public liking for the old releases. The Blackberry Q10 is known to emerge with surprise packages. The interesting aspect is the new device with traditional keyboard, which according to sources might give Android and iPhones a run for their money.

The Blackberry Q10 has more or less a similar design to the older first released Blackberry phones; the main difference could be the screen structure, which might portray the image of modern and traditional equipment in one product. There is a hint of modernity in the traditional design, on the rear the phone appears slightly curvy and is garnished with smooth polish, which sources state to be the feel of an extremely soft object. The company claims the design to be the make of a classy pristine glass metal, and most interestingly known to be lighter, more robust and sturdier than plastic. The phone has a dimension of 10.35mm, which is denser than even the latest stunner, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5.

Blackberry Q10

The Blackberry Q10 is fitted with a unique and traditional make keyboard called QWERTY which brings backs memories of older keyboards. The quality is excellent and spacing is at well fitted so enable flexible and smooth typing. The interesting facts to notice about the keyboard are the keys have a wider design and the screen is built with a larger dimension. This is definitely a huge amazing leap in design creativity and technology.

In terms of keyboard quality the response is pretty admirable the keys have sufficient room for clicks and easy to press. An ardent Blackberry fan stated that the versatility is extremely impressive that the typing was so smooth and faster than the typing speed experienced with iPhones.

The screen quality is credible to experience the perfect touch experience, the screen has a dimension of 3.1 inches with a resolution of 720×720, and the screen type is Super AMOLED. The screen experience is thrilling with a shockingly bright screen that responds swiftly to touches. The main concern was the screen having a smaller than usual measurement, and tech buffs were keen on a unique screen to the likes of other premium touch phones.

One of the recent releases of Blackberry phones that startled the public was the BlackBerry 10 with exemplary software where with just a swipe you can observe application pages. The front screen is splashed with apps that the accessibility is extremely thrilling and effective. You can visualize a range of interesting apps at one shot without the need for browsing through various buttons and pages. Let’s hope BlackBerry releases the Q10 with similar remarkable handling capacities.

When you swipe to the left direction, a page emerges with BlackBerry Hub, which is a portal page to view social networking and important documents such as Facebook, Twitter, emails, and many others.

The phone has few of the one of a kind traditional features that never wears out, the most basic is the red light which functions as a message alerter. There is a features referred to as the BlackBerry Balance which is an ideal departure from the mundane professional routine, this app will allow few moments of relaxation.

The Q10 is equipped with a traditional keyboard with no button access to monitor apps, which is known to be tedious. The gestures is another alternative to buttons, the use of gestures is not much of a concern since it is an easier medium to control a range of functions at the same time. The main problem here is the need for instructions and time consuming adjustments. The browser functions impressively without the need for adjustments. The browsing rhythm in the Q10 is known to be stunning and can offer the most splendid experience ever.

The range of apps available is decent with the popular social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Four squares along with other interesting gaming and media apps. There are few recreational apps which are not present such as Spotify, Rdio, Instagram, Google Maps and so on. Sources were not too pleased with the Twitter app that functioned at a slower than normal pace.

The Q10 is built with a 1.5 Giga Hertz dual core processor and 2GB RAM. The versatility is decent, the apps opened swiftly, and you can browse through multiple apps in one go.

People weren’t too satisfied with the camera quality as well, where the clarity is one a lower scale unlike the Z10 embedded with an 8 megapixel camera. The faint images in low intensity lights are a bit disappointing. The additional interesting and exciting feature is the TimeShift that has the impeccable ability to shoot many images at one go, which is loads of fun especially with a group of family and friends. This could nullify the dim image of the unpleasing capture image quality.

The Q10 can be termed as a quality phone to the likes of iPhones and Z10, the most thrilling attribute is the mobile browser that out shines other features. The traditional keyboard is something to look at; buying this phone would be worthwhile just to experience the feel of working with it. There are a range of interesting apps and media to enjoy a quality experience. The main drawback is the poor image quality especially in faint light. The phone is priced at $249 which is a worthy buy for an ideal professional life to browse through emails, and recreational life with the interesting media apps.  The primitive keyboard might offer a unique and different experience to revert back old memories.

The Q10 is a worthy buy with the detailed description of the above mentioned features. The versatility is something to look forward to which is known to be swifter than the Samsung Galaxy S4 and i-Phones which is a significant bonus.

The above post has been contributed by Sanjay Kumar Negi – a web enthusiast and analyst, working at


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