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No matter how many websites, articles, information or portals are available, search is still dominating the market for Internet users. With tons of information to surf, it is actually impossible for anyone to scan all the website available on Internet. despite of various social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter which dominates the place for user collection, when it comes to traffic search engine is the best option for business owners.

Because of the importance and requirements of search attributes, a separate business industry has taken a shape which delicately focus on search engine marketing (SEM) services and promise to increase your business and brand value with multiple folds. Each SEM company claims itself a market leader and promises tons of advantages to their clients by implementing unique e-Marketing Mix techniques.

What is SEM

Essentially, there are two ways of defining SEM: either it is an “umbrella” term that encompasses SEO, paid search, contextual advertisements, and paid inclusions, or it only covers paid advertising, inclusions, and search and is separate from SEO.

Organizations such as Forrester Research and the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization believe that SEM is an umbrella term that encompasses both SEO and paid search. For the purposes of this article, I’m using that definition.

Optimize your site for SEM

Defining SEM is fine, but what matters is this: what simple things can you do to make your website search-optimized?

1. Get updated about SEO : The most important aspect of SEM is how you make your website available on various search engine easily and in less time. SEO is a base of any SEM company. You dont have to go through professional classes for SEO to know that, though: SEOmoz has a fantastic beginner’s guide to SEO that will get you up-to-speed.

2. Grade your Website: Hubspot offers a tool called Website Grader, which will provide you with a quick assessment of where your website is optimized for SEM and where it is not.

3. Little Things Fix First: While you could spend months optimizing your website for SEM, make sure to get the little things out-of-the-way first. Focus on what Website Grader says you’re lacking (e.g. meta tags, keywords in your title tags, etc.) and then go from there.

4. Use SEM optimized CMS or plugging : Using Pre-Optimized CMS app or plugins for your website will provide immediate attention for search engine as those plugins are ready to communicate with search engine instantly. That way your website would be a part of their network and search engine will crawl your website pretty soon.

5. PPC & Link Updates : Another major component of search engine marketing is PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising. By putting your ads in search engines, you can drive traffic to your website. Even if you have good SEO and organic search, paid placement still helps. However, that’s only half of the story: you need to convert those visitors into customers or regular users.It’s a smart idea to test which keywords and advertisements drive the most traffic (keep track of the stats), and it’s just as important to track what happens once those visitors arrive.

6. Inbound Links : There may be many basic things which you need to fix before looking for a place in any search engine but if somehow you miss some of them, Inbound Links can compensate for this flaw. Multiple Inbound links which already ranked at search engine are still the best way to overcome nitty-gritty fixes on your website. This is called “Push” where your website will be pushed to search engines by those Inbound links.

These tips will only help you get started. Search engine marketing is a constant process that requires trial-and-error and self-education. People stay on websites because of great content or great products, but if they can’t find them, it’s essentially useless.



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