SOAX Suggests: How Proxies Help in SEO Monitoring

SEO proxy is the secret sauce for better SERP. Using servers for different purposes, you can make your work easier, faster, safer, and more private.

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Using a proxy server, you can release yourself from many challenges, including unnecessary efforts related to collecting and managing statistical information. Using servers for different purposes, you can make your work easier, faster, safer, and more private. What particular advantages do SEO proxies bring? And why is SOAX worth paying attention to?

What are proxies and their types?

We hear the term “proxy” pretty often nowadays, so let’s discover its origin and meaning in most modern contexts. 

Term definition

In a broad sense, a proxy – is something or someone acting as a representative or intermediary. It works for people, objects, and other things. Today, the term is used more widely as an adjective in the composed noun – a proxy server. It means a server that accepts and forwards the requests and responses before the final users see them. This intermediary nature allows these servers to filter out the information they read and manage the traffic for the other servers. For this reason, proxy servers are often a part of security systems for online networks. 


As proxy servers can serve various purposes, several types exist depending on diverse aspects. For example, people distinguish different proxies according to who uses their advantages:

  • they’re called forward if regular users apply these tools;
  • they’re called reverse if web hosts benefit from proxy features.

As the needs of both customers are not so identical, both types provide different sets of features. 

You can also distinguish types of proxies by the grade of privacy they provide:

  • transparent – for control, as users usually don’t know their PCs work through proxies;
  • anonymous – hiding IP;
  • distorting – periodically changing IPs;
  • high-anonymity – changing IPs and hiding personal info.

By the type of IPs used, proxies can be:

  • residential – IPs of real users;
  • mobile – real mobile addresses;
  • database – artificially generated.

According to how many users have access to IPs, there exist:

  • private proxies – assigned to a single client;
  • shared – many people can use them.

They all have advantages and inconveniences, and each can be the best for reaching particular goals. Many of them are required to conduct SEO research and periodic monitoring. 

What SEO research tasks can you complete using a proxy?

If talking about specific use for SEO investigation — proxies are helpful for all the tasks. More particularly, they can enhance the following aspects:

  • discovering your visitor-related rates – when you look for these figures, most often you need a more detailed report concerning the geographical data, which you can get due to a proxy;
  • SERP investigations – in this field, proxies also provide more information about geo data and help form a more complex vision of your keyword and backlink usage;
  • saving time – proxy services and applications for businesses made for customers to spend twice as less time finding, extracting, and managing information as without these tools;
  • broader look – depending on a proxy provider, you can access the IP addresses worldwide, which allows you for more meaningful research and analysis.

Thus, you get a complex solution for not SEO only — but most marketing tasks you need to complete to collect the necessary information. In this context, private residential proxies are the best choice as they help maintain robust connections and imitate the most efficiently a regular user’s activity on a website. 

What advantages does SOAX provider offer?

SOAX is a company that provides proxy services to a wide circle of users but the main direction of their work – is supporting businesses by providing them with complex proxy solutions. Their baseline advantages include the following:

  • robust networks allowing to keep working process productive;
  • customizable application dashboard for more comfort in data collection;
  • flexible pricing policy offering individual approach;
  • a trial, giving you a chance to try all the features for a month for $1.99.

You discover more benefits as you go to the website and read more detailed information about SOAX services. 

Being a part of a global network always means staying attentive to the global and local trends prevailing in particular spheres. SOAX realizes how substantial it is for your business, so the service offers a wide range of solutions for possible needs. Go to now and discover your chance to enhance the strategy!


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