After Wipro, Now TCS Leaves New Recruits Across Roles and Cities in Limbo

A significant number of TCS recruits who were hired between January and April 2023 have been faced with a prolonged waiting period. The onboarding process for these experienced recruits has been extended from a one-month delay to a distant October.

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) finds itself in the spotlight once again, albeit for all the wrong reasons. A recent bribery scandal has cast a dark shadow over the company, and now it seems that they are causing a stir by putting the brakes on the onboarding process for experienced lateral hires. According to insiders who spilt the beans to Moneycontrol, these recruits, ranging from 1.8 to up to 15 years of experience, have been notified of an additional three-month delay before they can step foot into their new roles.

The timing of these delays in onboarding new employees couldn’t be worse! The entire Indian IT sector is already grappling with economic headwinds such as impending recession, massive layoffs, and project setbacks as clients are actively cutting corners on their tech budgets. Talk about pouring salt on an open wound!

Consequently, over 200 lateral recruits across several cities, including Bangalore, Pune, Kochi, Bhubaneswar, Delhi NCR, and Indore, are feeling the impact of these frequent delays.

The TCS new joiners hired between January and April 2023 faced an initial one-month delay in their onboarding process. However, they soon found themselves confronted with additional delays, as two to three subsequent joining dates were provided. On July 10, many of them were surprised to receive email notifications, informing them that their joining dates had been pushed back to a distant October.

Surprisingly, TCS didn’t even bother to inform them about this deferral proactively, leaving them in a state of confusion and frustration. Multiple individuals, who spoke to Moneycontrol, revealed that they were left in the dark until they reached out to the company themselves.

The unfolding situation paints a concerning picture for TCS and raises questions about its hiring practices and the management’s ability to handle setbacks effectively.

TCS Hired Candidates Reveal Frustration and Disappointment

As candidates find themselves in limbo, frustration and uncertainty grip their minds. From unsuspecting joinees who had already bid farewell to their previous companies to those enticed with enticing salary hikes, all are now left in a state of joblessness, sinking into a sea of depression. The task of finding new employment seems insurmountable in these turbulent times.

In this unforeseen turn of events, recruits are not only grappling with the daunting challenge of securing a new job but also burdened with concerns about financial obligations, monthly expenses, and providing for their families. With each passing month, the mounting pressure only intensifies.

Seeking answers for the repeated delays, they are met with vague explanations attributed to top management decisions, leaving them devoid of clarity and further exacerbating their distress. The uncertainty of their immediate professional future looms large, casting shadows of doubt and anxiety.

The lack of proactive communication regarding possible onboarding delays has only intensified the confusion and frustration experienced by those awaiting their joining dates. Instead, affected individuals have received emails stating that their date of joining has been rescheduled and that the new date will be updated on TCS’s portal at a later time.

The ongoing uncertainty and lack of transparency in the process continue to create a sense of unease among those eagerly awaiting their opportunity to begin their journey with TCS.

As per its LinkedIn page, TCS currently has a significant number of open positions totalling 5,296 vacancies that need filling.

TCS Grapples With Yet Another Scam

The ongoing onboarding delays at TCS occur at a time when the company is already grappling with another significant issue: a major hiring scandal that recently came to light. The scandal involves various staffing firms bribing senior TCS executives in the company’s Resource Management Group (RMG), which is responsible for outsourcing and deploying temporary associates on project assignments, in order to secure preferential business opportunities.

In response to this scandal, TCS has taken strict action by terminating six employees and imposing a ban on six staffing firms involved in illicit activities. Additionally, three employees are currently under investigation.

Wipro’s Onboarding Blues

The incident of TCS delaying the joining of employees has refreshed the memory of a similar incident with Wipro that took place just two months ago. Wipro, another prominent technology giant in India, had also faced backlash for its delayed onboarding of new hires and controversial salary adjustments.

Wipro initially postponed the onboarding process for the 2022 graduate batch, who was thrilled to have secured a lucrative salary package of Rs 6.5 lakh per annum (LPA). Much to their dismay, these candidates received a shocking message from the company. Wipro reached out to them with a proposition to drastically reduce their salary to a meagre Rs 3.5 lakh per annum (LPA), a mere half of the initial offer. This unexpected turn left many candidates puzzled and questioning what had gone awry.

Both TCS and Wipro reported a delay in joining new employees, which is evident from their fiscal Q4 2023 results. TCS added 821 associates during the fourth quarter and a total of 22,600 employees throughout FY23, resulting in a closing headcount of 614,795. On the other hand, Wipro’s total headcount in FYQ4 2023 decreased by 1,823 employees, reaching 256,921 compared to 258,744 in FYQ3 2023. Furthermore, Wipro reported a trailing twelve-month attrition volume of 19.2%. These figures indicate a notable decline in new joinees, potentially due to delayed onboarding processes at both companies.

Only time will reveal the full extent of the consequences for TCS and the impacted lateral hires. Will the company take swift action to rectify the situation and restore confidence in its hiring processes? Or will this setback further tarnish its reputation, leaving a lasting impact on its standing within the competitive IT landscape?

As the drama unfolds, the industry watches with bated breath, waiting to see how TCS will navigate these turbulent times. The Indian IT industry has started showing signs of a challenging time ahead for professionals. On the one hand, Tech majors are repeatedly delaying the onboarding of new employees, on the other hands, Indian startup funding has wilted, resulting in layoffs. It’s time to take an informed decision while switching your job, and play safe as much as possible!


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